Ammonia Recovery from Wastewater

Ammonia Recovery from Wastewater

In this toolkit students are working on a method to remove and recover ammonia from (waste)water. Ammonia ends up in our wastewater via our urine. It is important to remove the ammonia  from the wastewater, otherwise too much nitrogen will end up in our surface water which can cause eutrophication.

Methods used nowadays by Wastewater Treatment Plants, like Anammox, cost a lot of energy. At Wetsus we research ammonia recovery via an electrochemical system (ES). In an ES, all the reactions are uniquely electro-chemical, meaning an easily operation of the system. Additionally, ESs can support higher current densities then bio-electrochemical systems and work with streams at an extreme pH. An ESs including compartments (anode, feed, concentrate and cathode) can be used for ammonia recovery.

In the research of Wetsus the pure ammonia is recovered using a gas permeable membrane, however this is not included in the toolkit.


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