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Welcome to RM@Schools

RM@Schools is a Wider Society Learning project

Raw MatTERS Ambassadors at Schools is a Wider Society Learning project focused on an innovative program to make science education and careers in raw materials attractive for youngster. In our name, “Raw MatTERS”, our message resonates: raw materials are our key focus, whatever their origin. Tackling European Resources Sustainably (TERS). We want to actively tackle the challenge ahead of us. Sustainability and the efficient use of all natural resources are of central importance in everything we do. Achieving this vision really matters to us.

An active learning will be proposed to schools by RM Ambassadors (experts in some RM-related issues and trained teachers) by involving students in experiments with RM-related hands-on educational kits, in excursions in industries, and in science dissemination activities. The students will be asked to become Young RM Ambassadors themselves (science communicators) and to create dissemination products focused on issues related to RM (i.e. videos, cards, comics, etc), by using their native language (student age: 10-13 yrs) or both their native and the English language (student age: 14-19 yrs). Local Competitions for awarding the best communication products as well as an annual European Conference with delegates from European schools (students and teachers) will be annually organized. In addition, teachers will be trained to become RM Ambassadors themselves in the future at school, and selected groups of students will be trained on digital competence and video making and/or on activities suitable to be proposed during Public Events in order to work together with RM Ambassadors. All the produced materials and the best communication materials realised by pupils will be accessible online to be shared with a wider public.

EU Consortium

The Institutions, Universities and Companies which are part of RM@Schools

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Teaching resources

Useful educational materials for teaching about Critical Raw Materials

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All our Toolkits

All the educational toolkits developed by RM@Schools partners over the years

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Students in action

Products, activities and study visits performed by Young RM Ambassadors

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All the events organized by or with the participation of RM@Schools.

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RM@Schools on YouTube

RM@Schools Project Trailer

A short video that highlights and recaps the main key actions of the Raw MatTERS Ambassadors at Schools project (RM@Schools), flagship program in the Wilder Society Learning segment of EIT RawMaterials.

"RM Ambassadors in Action" Trailer

A small glance at the many activities promoted and performed by the RM@Schools project with students from all around Europe.

A Treasure in My Pocket

Example of a product created by students to spread awareness about raw materials among their peers.

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