Visit [E&M]

Visit [E&M]

Take your class to visit a mine, processing plant or quarry. Meet with geologists or go to a mineral deposit museum. Another possibility is to organise or participate in an Open Day in a research centre or university.

An example of this good practice is offered by UPM (Spain) where it is possible to visit both a museum of minerals and a mine. Have a look at the video of RM@Schools 2018 – Open Doors Day in Madrid 2018 on YouTube:



Study-visits in companies (Elektrocycling GmnH, in Goslar, Germany)

In any case, the teacher planning the visit should get in touch with a representative of the mine, plant, quarry or museum, and explain what the purpose and learning outcomes of the visit are. The list of companies available for study visits by schools is shown in the “About us” section. The teacher may want to stress that hearing about real life problems is particularly stimulating for school children. Then the teacher can brief the students beforehand and discuss what sort of questions they might like to ask, especially with the next step of the learning path in mind, create / communicate.

Here you can find all the participating companies.


Examples of questions to ask at the site visit:

“What kind of problems have you been facing?”
“What obstacles do you foresee for the future?”
“How do you go about finding solutions?”

After the visit the students should have a debriefing where everything that they learnt, and any remaining questions, can be discussed.