Communicate [E&M]

Communicate [E&M]

Encouraging students to communicate within their class and to other audiences is a key part of their learning. In-class strategies include having students present their findings as a presentation or a scientific poster. Students could develop games or a story book for younger students, which they then get a chance to show and explain to them. Maybe they can even lead an activity with another class.

For this topic:

  • Let the students randomly pick a mineral which they must research.
  • Ask students to develop presentations on mineral extraction or use.

An interesting idea is the development of a rare earths 2019 Calendar – Class 3 A Liceo Scientifico Copernico – Bologna (Italy) in collaboration with CNR.


Putting the mineral or minerals in the context of use is an engaging way for students to share their story, some examples include creating a YouTube video and stop-motion animation which takes students through the elements that can be found inside their phone.

Some key points for inclusion in the students’ communication activities related to mines and mining could include the following questions:

Why do we need the particular mineral, and how is it used?
Where is it located?
How is it refined?
How is it extracted?
What is its chemical composition? For senior students
How is it formed (environmental conditions)? For senior students