Visit [CE]

Visit [CE]

Visit a local water treatment plant or visit a tree nursery to see the role fertilisers play in agriculture.

It is a good idea that the teacher has a conversation with a site representative prior to the visit. In this conversation the teacher can explain the purpose and learning outcomes of the visit and ensure that there will be time for students to ask questions. Then the teacher can prepare the students for the visit and discuss what possible questions they may like to ask, thinking about how this may help with the next step, to create and communicate materials for other audiences.

Examples of questions to ask at the site visit: “What kind of problems have you been facing?” “What obstacles do you foresee for the future?” “How do you go about finding solutions?”

After the visit the students should have a debriefing where everything that they learnt, and any remaining questions, can be discussed.


Images taken from the Video tutorial on how to recover struvite from wastewaters, how to build a struvite mini-reactor and how to use struvite as fertiliser in hydrophonic cultivation of basil – realised by students from Liceo Galvani, Bologna (Italy).

What will be created by the students can also be shared later with the site representative by way of saying thank you for their time and to demonstrate what the children have learnt.

Visit at the Experimental Educatioanl Centre of Cadriano, Bologna (Italy):