Communicate [CE]

Communicate [CE]

Circular economy can be a complex topic to cover and it lends itself well to integrating the other sections of this resource. Alternatively, a singular focus on waste reduction is also a valid approach to this topic.

Encouraging students to communicate within their class or to other audiences is a key part of their learning. In-class strategies include students presenting their findings as a presentation or a scientific poster. Students could develop games or a story book for younger students, and then explain their game or lead an activity with another class.

A novel approach to circular economy from the Liceo Scientifico N. Copernico – Bologna (Italy) was to develop questions for the public to discuss consumerism for a YouTube video (Video below). Liceo Scientifico E. Fermi -Bologna, Italy, also developed an animation looking at the raw materials in the context of cars of the future (Figure 66):


Students developed animation about cars:


Other suggestions:

Brief students to develop presentations on water treatment, concerns over energy consumption or water quality. Explore the role of nitrogen and phosphorous (and other nutrients) in agriculture.