Activity [E&M]

Activity [E&M]

After the lesson, students should engage in active learning. This could be as part of the initial lesson, allowing students to develop their content knoweldge through engagement with the material, or the activity can function as a means to reinforce learning, extend their learning or check for understanding.

A good example of an activity can be found in MineralCheck. It lends itself to discovery-based learning and can be a starting point for a more detailed and comprehensive lesson plan.

MineralCheck involves identifying key minerals. Source material is listed and sources for purchase are identified.


Excerpt from MineralCheck

For MineralCheck, you will need to assemble a geological investigation kit for each team conducting the investigations. This kit should contain:

  • magnifier,
  • metal nail
  • glass slide and
  • diluted hydrochloric acid or alcohol vinegar.

In the application in School of Rock (RockCheck), there is a description and a video of a procedure for each tool and also suggestions for substitutions that you can find at home.


A table of rock forming minerals and their main properties (RockCheck Toolkit).

Other possibilities: to play RAWsiko – Materials around us – The game is set in a future where China, which is the largest exporter of critical raw materials, decided to close its borders. Each player is at the head of a huge company and must try to complete as many applications as possible in their Objective Card by looking for raw materials around the world.

Example of a serious game created together with students.