Activity [CE]

Activity [CE]

After the initial input by the teacher, students should engage in active learning. This could be as part of the initial lesson, allowing students to develop their content knoweldge through engagement with the material, or the activity can serve as a means to reinforce learning, extend their learning or check for understanding. The Struvite from urine toolkit has one experiment where phosphorous is isolated from synthetic urine (solution prepared in lab with a chemical composition similar to natural urine) and its concentration determined through calibration curves and a colourimeter.

A mini-reactor for preparing the synthetic urine can be constructed by following the instructions in the toolkit, and the struvite recovered from the solution could be  used as fertiliser for plants, as done by Liceo L. Galvani – Bologna, Italy.

Students can also be involved in preparing a newsletter on phosphorous and its applications (Figure below).


Magazine on phosphorous and its uses, created by students from Liceo Galvani, Bologna (Italy).