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Follow the event on 3/12/2020 at 10:00 CET

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CNR events

Fifth European Conference RM@Schools

European Conference

Webinars, workshops and online games!

See the conference program on this page
V European Conference RM@Schools


Fraunhofer Talent School 2019

The Final online

Talent RM@Schools winners

The winners are ...

Among the winners, students of IS Ascanio Sobrero – Casale Monferrato (IT)

Press review: Il Monferrato Newspaper
Article 29.11.2020


10:30 – 11:45 · (cod. A193)

Event organized by
Città della Scienza

Website of the event

RM@Scools at Futuro Remoto

Futuro Remoto

New technologies in harmony with nature: science helps the circular economy
Many of our current technologies (smartphones, computers, cars) and renewable energy sources depend on metals that are at risk of procurement surveillance. Hence the need to promote an economic model based on limited use and intelligent.
RM Ambassadors: Armida Torreggiani, Marica Canino & Alberto Zanelli


BAY - ResearcherSearcher
1st Online Award Competition


        Final: 27/11/2020

on European Researchers' Night!

Bay Zoltan competition 2020

Online Competition Award

Are you an addicted researcher? Do you like exciting experiments to do? Do you like compare your skills with others? In this case your place is at the BAY-ResearcherSearcher Award Competiton! Be brave and check this out!
RM Ambassadors: Mátyás Török, Zsuzsanna Mátyás-Karácsony, Erika Grossmann, Bálint Galgóczi, Alexandra Musza


RomeVideogameLab is the first and only Italian event of applied games.

In Cinecittà studios, on live and on-site edition dedicated to talks and conferences, laboratories and workshops, b2b, augmented reality and more…
Cinecittà studios Website

Video Game lab in Rome

Video game lab at Cinecittà

RM@Schools Ambassadors will participate with educational games and magic chemistry
Go to the website of the event
Free registration to the online event
RM Ambassadors: Luca Bellucci, Emilia Benvenuti, Lorenzo Forini, Silvia Giuliani, Renata Lapinska-Viola, Eleonora Polo, Michela Tassistro, Armida Torreggiani, Alberto Zanelli.

22/10/2020 - 1/11/2020

Onde: Festival della Scienza, Genova

Conferences, exhibitions, shows and workshops in presence, but also online workshops in live streaming, webinars and virtual visits to the main Italian and European research centers.
Website | Sondaggio

Festival della Scienza 2020 Genova

Waves: Science Festival, Genoa

Links: Metals in action - The energy's colours -
BetterGeo - The treasures hidden in electronic devices - Wool: from waste to resource
RM Ambassadors: Annalisa Aluigi, Eleonora Bacchi, Luca Bellucci, Silvia Giuliani, Renata Lapinska-Viola, Eleonora Polo, Gioacchino Schifino, Ilaria Schizzi, Michela Tassistro, Armida Torreggiani.

Deadline 30/09/2020

Contest organized by UPM

Students, enrolled in a Spanish educational institution in the school year 2020/2021, are invited to participate to the contest. Download the Poster

Spanish Contest

Critical Raw Materials for Hospitals

Students who would like to participate should make a poster.
How to Participate
RM Ambassadors: Miguel Izquierdo Diaz, David Bolonio Martin & Liliana Medic Pejic


Yet another toolkit!

The toolkit raises awareness about the importance of raw materials and the impact of the circular economy on our life.

new toolkit

Modern devices -Yes, please! What about mining?

Learning pathway: Circular Economy
Exercises and challenges in PDF presentation. Twitter

RM Ambassadors: Nina Valand & Rok Brajković


International Conference
Due to current concerns about COVID-19, the 10th edition of the Future of Education shifts to a
Fully Virtual Conference.

Watch the presentations on
Pixel Conference Youtube channel

international video conference

The Future of Education

Full programme of inspiring sessions in the framework of a highly interactive virtual conference experience.

Website | Conference Program | Virtual presentations
RM@Schools Presentation | EcoCEO Presentation


A series of lessons on composite materials with practical applications are online in our Virtual Centre.

Contact the system administrator to obtain free access to RM@Schools Virtual Centre:

online Lessons

Raw materials and sustainability:

what can composite materials contribute?
Online lessons on our Virtual Centre
Learning pathway/course: Circular economy
RM Ambassadors: Beate Brede & Class Hoffmann


at 17:00 CET

On CNR communication channels

Youtube channel


Tutti in musica

All in music!

Knowledge goes through the "decomposition" of ideas and concepts into simple elements. These elements can then be reassembled in original ways to invent and build new things. This is the typical way of proceeding for science and technology as well as for music, games and teaching.
Event organiser: CNR Communication channel[1]
RM Ambassador: Armida Torreggiani


On EFGeoBlog!

Blog website

RockCheck blog

RockCheck application rocks the world

The European Federation of Geologists (EFG) evidences in its blog the "RockCheck app: The educational tool for the identification of rocks", a digital educational tool that contributes to the improvement and quality of teaching and learning of rocks. Blog website
RM Ambassador: Rok Brajkovic


at 10:00 CET

         webinar on INDIRE


Webinar on INDIRE

New technologies in harmony with nature: science helps the circular economy

INDIRE is a platform of Research for innovation of the Italian school
RM Ambassador: Alberto Zanelli, Marica Canino, & Armida Torreggiani


at 17:00 CET

On CNR communication channels

Youtube channel


Tutti in musica

All in music!

Sitting around a board game means leaving everyday life for a moment to discover "different worlds". But behind all this there are small "world creators" who with imagination and genius, together with scientific and technological knowledge, manage to create small creative miracles.

Event organiser: CNR Communication channel[1]
RM Ambassador: Armida Torreggiani


at 13:15 CET

         online meeting

RM@Schools online meeting

5th RM@Schools 3.0 Workshop


at 17:00 CET

On CNR communication channels

Youtube channel


Tutti in musica

All in music!

How can we tie science, games, health and Bulerías together, a fun flamenco pole? To answer this question will be put together: two scientists who use the game to make scientific and educational dissemination, a doctor, a journalist and a "bailaor". A unique and overwhelming blend, as only flamenco can be. And, always at "compás", Fabio Chiarello will show "BeatWheel", a game to try to discover the rhythm and its geometry.
Event organiser: CNR Communication channel
RM Ambassador: Armida Torreggiani


at 18:00 CET

on "Kaj nas briga?!" youtube channel

Why would we care?

Why would we care?

RM ambassador Rok Brajkovic from Geological survey of Slovenia will give a lecture about the RM@Schools project and designed learning pathways. The lecture will focus on most important issues in the field of raw materials and will contribute to strengthen the understanding of the needs of modern society for raw materials.
Event organiser: Organisation Science on the street LINK:


RM@Schools ESEE

kick-off meeting

online kick-off meeting

RM@Schools ESEE does not stop!


   Universities of Milan:

   Politecnico & Milano-Bicocca


Fifth M@Schools 3.0 Workshop - Milan 2020

Attention, please!

Due to the present European situation related to the Covid-19 virus, the next consortium meeting in Milan will be postponed.

The new date is
May 7-8, 2020