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    The RMAq includes questions of increasing difficulty concerning the origins of minerals, the ways of identifying minerals, the everyday products made by raw materials, divided into three (3) stages. (download pdf)

    The main aim of the game is to point out the importance of raw materials in our daily lives. Within the game students are reading educational texts accompanying particular tasks. (download pdf)

    AIM: To make PLAYERS aware of the problem of CRITICAL RAW MATERIALS, ELECTRONIC WASTES REVALORIZATION, URBAN MININING & CIRCULAR ECONOMY, by  learning information about main chemical elements, mainly critical, present in the most common electronic devices, through a funny, challenging and engaging way: a revisiting of the classic treasure hunt (download pdf).

    The aim of the lesson is to introduce students to the problem of obtaining social acceptance in mining activities.  (download pdf)

    Perlite is a multiply applicable environmentally friendly raw material. Since environmental protection is highly important the application of perlite is much more preferred than artificial material with similar characteristics. (download pdf)


    A projekt célja a perlit, mint nyersanyag tulajdonságainak, feldolgozásának, alkalmazási területeinek megismerése és a nyersanyag felhasználásának népszerűsítése. (download pdf)

    Students compete against each other in a board game. The themes are basic geological concepts, characteristics of rocks, their different uses and identification of rocks with an app called RockCheck. (download pdf)

    A serious game that connects two already formed toolkits  (MinerlCheck and RockCheck) and summarises the knowledge gained through  the gamification.  Students can determine names of basic rocks, by observation and experiments with a game. (download pdf)

    10-19 year old students

    Students can determine names of basic rocks, by observation and experiments only and help of application RockCheck.  (download pdf)

      10-19 yrs

      With 	mineral recognition key MineralCheck, students will be able to 	determine the name of most common minerals. Follow the instructions 	and experiments in MineralCheck, which will take you step by step to 	the correct answer. In doing so, use teaching aids to help you 	decide on the answer. (download pdf ) 

      Summary in SlovenianS ključem za prepoznavanje tipičnih mineralov MineralCheck, lahko učenci prepoznavajo najpogostejše minerale v šolski geološki zbirki. S sledenjem navodilom in poizkusom v učnem kompletu MineralCheck, bodo korak za korakom prišli bliže končnemu odgovoru in določili ime minerala. Pri opisovanju lastnosti minerala priporočamo uporabo učnih pripomočkov za laže odločanje. Ko učenec določi ime opazovanega minerala, spozna tudi uporabno vrednost minerala v sodobni družbi.(prenesi pdf )

    14-19 yrs

    A simple card game, which can be used in a group of students, to show them the main uses of several critical raw materials. Groups of 3 to 5 students can be made, and they have to guess the uses of each one of the raw materials present in the cards. The group that completes all the uses of more raw materials win. (download pdf)

     Sastoji se u društvenoj igri u kojoj dva ili više timova učenika moraju pogoditi upotrebu svake od sirovina prikazanih na karticama, kako bi se kompletirali "Listići za primjenu" (slično igri bingo).   (download pdf).

    This toolkit is designed to demonstrate some of the basic concepts of usage of ores and minerals in making colors and ultimately using those colors to make a painting. (download pdf)

    target audience: 10-19 years old students. target audience: 10-19 years old students.

    English Italiano

    This game wants to raise awareness about a problem that is still underestimated: in a near future the supply of several metals or minerals, which belong to the non-renewable resources of our planet together with non-metallic minerals, coal, oil, and natural gas, will be at risk.  (download pdf )


    Students can build their own the wheel and the linked cards, following the instructions in the toolkit. Then they can play in small groups. (download pdf)

    ItalianGli studenti possono costruire la loro ruota e le relative carte seguendo le istruzioni nel tookit. Possono quindi giocare in piccoli gruppi. (scarica pdf)

    This toolkit is designed to help you and your students begin thinking about scientific and technological Raw Materials issues —why it is important and how resources can be conserved and protected. It is intended to help you and your students understand what raw materials are, where they come from, why it’s a problem and what can be done about it. (download pdf )

    The concept of raw material refers to any good that aims to transform during a production process until it becomes an element of consumption. Many of the material goods require a modification or transformation before it can be used by users. For instance, the LEDs used in one of the experiences of this toolkit. (download pdf)

    14-19 yrs

    Flotation Deinking is the industrial process of removing printing ink from paper fibers of recycled paper to make deinked pulp. In Europe the most common process is froth flotation deinking (download pdf).

    14-19 yrs    Targeted audience: 14-19 years old students.

    English Spanish

    A versatile system for a sustainable recovery of Critical Raw Materials from water
    Nowadays Prussian Blue can be used to capture critical raw materials in order to recycle them. As a matter of fact, these materials are really rare and expensive. Its particular structure can interact with CRMs isotopes and capture them. Actually, it is also used in the pharmaceutical sector to soak up dangerous substances in infected hosts. (download pdf).

      Regeneracija kritičnih sirovih materijala iz vodenih.  Ključno je usmjeriti se na nova održiva rješenja koja smanjuju našu potrebu za rudarskim sirovinama. (download pdf)

    This toolkit introduces the students to the subject of metallic packaging recycling, the so called "tin can" that started with the boxes in tinplate that were made by rolling and soldering to a small cylinder a band of metallic sheet, covered by a thin layer of tin on the side in contact with food to protect the metal from corrosion.

    14-19 yrs

    In this experiment, the pupils will firstly assemble and then disassemble a photovoltaic (PV) mini- panel in order to understand the basic principles behind the important recycling process of PV wastes (download pdf).


    In questo esperimento, gli alunni dovranno prima assemblare e poi smontare un mini pannello fotovoltaico al fine di comprendere i principi di base dietro l'importante processo di riciclo dei rifiuti fotovoltaici  (scarica pdf).

    14-19 yrs

    Identify rare earths within a Hard Disk Drive (HDD) (download pdf).

    RM HDDSeltene Erden in einem Festplattenlaufwerk (HDD) bestimmen (herunterladen pdf)

    10-13 yrs

    Saving copper from waste. (download pdf)

    14-19 yrs

  • Precipitation and leaching: A more or less complex mixture of metal salts can be separated in the pure metals using a sequence of reactions causing some components to precipitate. This strategy is utilized in gold mining operations where gold is leached using cyanides (download pdf).
  • Anion exchanger: Separation of Cu2+ and Fe3+ by an ion exchanger (exchange resin) and the following detection reactions. (download pdf)

  • 14-19 yrs

    Assembly of several , microbial fuel cells for electricity production testing several carbohydrate rich nutrients. (download pdf)


    Diluted aqueous solutions of metal salts are obtained during recycling processes. The use of ion exchange resins has been proofed to be the process of choice in this field (download pdf).

    10-19 yrs target audience: 8 - 13 years old students but also for adults

    Through the game, students gather a deeper understanding of what can and can’t be recycled and how to correctly sort different waste for a separate waste collection. (download pdf)


    Durante il gioco, gli studenti acquisiscono una comprensione più profonda di ciò che può e non può essere riciclato e come ordinare correttamente i diversi rifiuti per una raccolta differenziata. (scarica pdf)

    14-19 yrs

    The experiment links - on a bead string via the reused electrodes - the production electro-winning with a galvanic cell ('starter battery') and illustrates the importance of alloys: small difference, large effect.  The comparison of primary and secondary zinc process routes allows to highlight the energetic and ecological advantages of recycling. (download pdf)


    Hier stellen wir ein Experiment zur Zinkelektrolyse vor; es illustriert exemplarisch den Wert von Legierungen und den hohen Energie-, Wasser- und Chemikalieneinsatz zur Darstellung der Metalle. Galvanostatische Elektrolyse, Korrosionsbeständigkeit einer Blei-Silberlegierung, Sauerstoffüberspannung

    SpanishAquì presentamos un experimeto sobre la electrólisis del zinc. Ilustra el valor de las aleaciones y el alto uso del energía, agua y productos químicos para extraer los metales. Electrolisis galvanostática, resistencia a la corrosión de una aleación de plomo y platea, sobretensión de oxigeno.

    14-19 yrs

    Toolkit raises awareness about the importance of raw materials and the impact of the circular economy on our life. Exercises and challenges in PDF presentation develop a better understanding of raw materials use, opportunities for mining in Europe and show students the impact of circular economy strategies on the performance of a company. (download pdf)

    14-19 yrs

    Biopolymers from sustainable resources are being considered as alternatives to commodity synthetic polymers. Keratin from wool wastes can be used to prepare biodegradable new products for biomedical fields and filtration systems for water depuration and air cleaning.(download pdf)

    Italian flagI biopolimeri provenienti da risorse sostenibili vengono considerati un'alternativa ai polimeri sintetici. La cheratina ricavata dai rifiuti della lana puo` essere utilizzata per preparare nuovi prodotti biodegradabili per usi biomedicali e nei sistemi di filtrazione per la depurazione dell'acqua e dell'aria. (scarica il pdf).

    Wiederverwendung von Keratin aus Abfallprodukten im Bergbau (herunterladen pdf)

     Keratin je najzastupljeniji neprehrambeni protein koji je glavni sastojak vune, kose, rogova, noktiju i perja. (download pdf).

    14-19 yrs

    Struvite from urine. (download pdf)

    14 -19 yrs

    In this experiment, waste paper will be used as raw material for the production of ethanol. Paper will be pre-treated (chopped and mixed with water), digested with a safe commercial enzyme and fermented with regular grocery store yeast. Ethanol generated by these two reactions will be then monitored through the use of either an ethanol sensor or a dye that, reacting selectively with alcohol, will change colour revealing its presence. (download pdf)

    Italian FlagIn questo esperimento, la carta da riciclare sarà utilizzata come materia prima per la produzione di etanolo. La carta sarà pre-trattata (tritata e mescolata con acqua), digerita con un enzima commerciale sicuro e fermentata con semplice lievito alimentare. L'etanolo generato da queste due reazioni sarà poi monitorato attraverso l'uso di un sensore di etanolo o di un colorante che, reagendo selettivamente con l'alcol, cambierà colore rivelando la sua presenza. (download pdf)

    14-19 yrs

    Here you find information on the topic of fiber composites and answers to the question to what extent this material can contribute to sustainable industrial production. "Kitchen - fiber composite" can be produced and tested according to instructions. This course includes a project task that can be worked on by teams of students - taking into account the basic principles of project management, which are explained in explanatory videos and materials for teachers and students. Student teams can receive a certificate if they complete the project task!

    14-19 yrs

    Silicon is probably the most famous semiconductor. It is mainly used for computing and its technology has been perfected for decades. However, other semiconductors are going to enter our lives since in some cases they can outperform silicon for some applications. (download pdf)

    14-19 yrs English Italiano

    Students can learn about alternative semiconducting materials to convert light into electricity and  handle no dangerous and/or toxic compounds/components to easily fabricate a working solar cell. (download pdf)

    Gli studenti acquisiranno conoscenze sui materiali semiconduttori che convertono la luce in elettricità utilizzando sostanze non pericolose o tossiche per costruire facilmente una cella solare efficace. (scarica pdf

    10-19 yrs

    In this toolkit there are three envelops with three different activities to explore the Lab-on-Paper technology.  These activities aim to help the students explore the properties and wide variety of applications of paper and learn about hydrophobic and hydrophilic materials. (download pdf)

    14-19 yrs

    This "toolkit" introduces school pupils to the fascinating world of fiber reinforced plastics. Special attention is put on the advantageous properties of these materials and also the hurdles that still have to be overcome to fully recycle fiber reinforced plastics. In addition, school pupils will get an insight into biobased matrix materials which open up a host of research opportunities and have the potential to party solve the recycling problem.

    German bottonDas vorliegende „Toolkit“ soll die spannende Welt der Faserverbundwerkstoffe für Schülerinnen und Schüler erlebbar gemacht werden. Hierbei soll besonderes Augenmerk einerseits auf die Leistungsfähigkeit dieser Werkstoffe, andererseits aber auch auf die bislang noch nicht hinreichend geklärten Schwierigkeiten bei Fragen des Recyclings von FVK gelegt werden. Gleichzeitig soll den Schülerinnen und Schülern ein Ausblick auf die Möglichkeiten von biobasierten Matrixwerkstoffen ermöglicht werden, die eine Teillösung des Recyclingproblems und vielfältige Forschungsfelder eröffnen.

    14-19 yrs

    Substitution of critical RMs in PV such as Gallium and Indium in solar cells, by using Organic Materials. Use of graphene to substitute ITO used as transparent conductive electrode in flat displays and in solar cells (download pdf).

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