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RM@Schools 3.0 2019 - Young Ambassadors in action

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RM@ ... Mines and Factories

Visit Perticara Mine

Discovering an unknown world

Students of 3N Liceo Linguistico Copernico, Bologna visit "Sulphur, the Historical Mining Museum of Perticara", an example of industrial archeology. The sulphur mine, closed in 1964, used to be the largest sulphur field in Europe. (May 13, 2019).
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Teacher: Barbara Cimmino
RM@Schools Ambassadors: Luca Bellucci, Silvia Giuliani and Alberto Zanelli

RM@ ... Mines and Factories

Visit TRED Carpi

Discover the secrets of the WEEE world

ECODOM accompanied 40 students and 12 teachers from all over Europe in a journey to discover the secrets of the WEEE world. (February 6, 2019).