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RM@Schools 3.0 2020 - Young Ambassadors in action

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Students visit Elektrocylcing in Goslar (DE)


One study-visit for a group of 30 high school students from different countries was organised at Elektrocycling GmnH, in Goslar, Germany. This was done in connection with the 6th International Workshop of chemistry organised by Clausthal University.
A delegation of young RM Ambassadors sent by CNR in Bologna participated to this experience.
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Teacher: Axel Franke
RM Ambassadors: Jochen Brinkmann

Students play with ECOCeo at CNR-Bologna

RM@Research Lab

Students learn how to run a company, which produces electronics, such as microchips, smartphones and e-bikes, by playing with ecoCEO, a game to learn how to take decisions about the production processes, materials management and marketing of their products. In collaboration with SmartPlaCE@School, another project funded by the EIT Raw Materials.(20/01/2020)
Teacher: Siro Sutti
RM Ambassadors: Emilia Benvenuti, Lorenzo Forini, Armida Torreggiani & Alberto Zanelli

Students visit CNR-Bologna

RM@Research Lab

Three study-visits were organised in some of the CNR’s Labs from January to February, to show to high school students how research can contribute to sole some issues related to raw materials fields. In particular, students were introduced to the seabed exploration and the development of new materials able to substitute other containing some critical raw materials (13/01/2020 & 13-15/02/2020).
RM Ambassadors:Luca Bellucci, Emilia Benvenuti, Alex Boschi, Laura Favaretto & Filippo Valorosi