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BBS Papenburg, Gemany
RM@Schools project presentation at BBS Papenburg, Germany - May 16, 2019.
Two RM@Schools projects were presented at the BBS Papenburg in Germany on May 16. Ten 12-grade-students used the “TheoPrax” project management methodology to work on project topics given by RM@Schools Ambassadors. The students presented their project results in front of a large auditorium in the school’s assembly hall. Besides information about the RM@Schools project the students gave, the auditorium listened to suggestions on how the marketing of the project could be improved and how the awareness of teenagers regarding RM@Schools topics like sustainability and recycling could be boosted.
RM@Schools Ambassadors: Beate Brede
MINFOS - International Days of Minerals, Fossils, and Environment - TRŽIČ, Slovenia, May 11-12, 2019.
RM@Schools workshop "Learn about geology" within the MINFOS event.
With learning toolkits participants learned how to recognize minerals and rocks and got to know the raw materials built into common everyday objects like smartphones. They could also see how groundwater flows and what pollution of the groundwater mean for nearby environment. These activities helped them raise the awareness about the importance of geology and raw materials, as well their impact on our lives.
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RM@Schools Ambassadors: Nina Valand and Rok Brajković
Production electrolysis of zinc - a model experiment to understand the process chains in mining and recycling: from ore/ scrap to the target metal
The Technical University of Clausthal (TUC) is partner of the project RawMatTERS Ambassadors @ Schools, in which lessons are developed on the topic of raw materials. Here we present an experiment on zinc electrolysis; It exemplifies the value of alloys and the high energy, water and chemical use for the representation of the metals. In school workshops, process chains - from ore or electronic scrap to metal - are explained and experienced at model experimentation stations and supplemented in project days with factory tours (French Process, Norzinco, Goslar).
RM@Schools Ambassadors: Jochen Brinkmann
White Night for Science at Schools - Lissone event
Role of Geology in society - Črnomelj (Slovenia), April 17-19, 2019.
Pupils. 54 pupils and 3 teachers of the Elementary School Loka Črnomelj took part in a whole day of geological activities. Pupils learned about raw material issue through different active learning techniques with the use of the mobile application KamenCheck and the toolkit Mineral Check.
Experts. Discussion on future plans of Geological Survey for a wider society learning and formal education in Slovenia.
Web album(pupils)
Web album (experts)
RM@Schools Ambassadors: Rok Brajković
White Night for Science at Schools - Lissone event
White night for science at high schools Enriques and Istituto Europa Unita in Lissone (Italy), May 4, 2019.
Young RM@Schools Ambassadors (3A, 3B, and 3E) involve society with the critical RM issue during the nightly event at their school.
Teachers: Cristina Erba, Ofelia Molteni, and Silvia Castoldi.
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RM@Schools Ambassadors: Alberto Zanelli, Mirko Seri & Marica Canino

Milano-Bicocca event
Horizon Chem 2019, University of Milano-Bicocca, 5 April 2019.
The General Assembly of the United Nations has proclaimed 2019 as the International Year of the Periodic Table of the Elements. The year 2019 marks in fact the 150th anniversary of the Mendeleev’s first periodic table publication. HorizonChem 2019 would therefore create a meaningful opportunity to highlight not only the history, but also the great relevance of the periodic table nowadays (e.g. in Raw Materials related topics).
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RM@Schools Ambassadors: Alessia Le Donne & Simona Binetti

Milano-Bicocca event
Strategies for substitution and recycling of materials for an eco-sustainable economy, University of Milano-Bicocca, 4 April 2019
This workshop for teachers and high school students has been organized within the RM@Schools 3.0 project in collaboration with the Materials Science Scientific Degree Plan. RM@Schools Ambassador Vladimiro Dal Santo will give a talk on “Critical Raw Materials: Challenges and Opportunities”.
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RM@Schools Ambassador: Alessia Le Donne & Simona Binetti

Mint workshops at the Eduard Stieler School
Mint workshops at the Eduard Stieler School, Fulda (DE), March 28 -29, 2019.
RM Ambassador Jochen Brinkmann (MA) and Dr. Ing. Andreas Czymai from the TU Clausthal offered as every year mint workshops at the Eduard Stieler School (ESS). This year, two 11th classes of the ESS were able to participate in the events together with one of the advanced courses Chemistry of the Winfriedschule and the Freiherr-vom-Stein-Schule.
They talked about us on newspapers: | Fuldaer
RM@Schools Ambassador: Jochen Brinkmann

EIT RawMaterials Partners' Day
"Partners' Day", an Innovation Hub West initiative, TU Delft (Netherlands), 28 March 2019.
Armida was invited to talk about "Triggering students interest in raw materials and sustainable society" during the "EIT RM Success Stories & Inspiring results" session of the Partners' Day.
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RM@Schools Ambassador: Armida Torreggiani

ESEE Workshop Leoben
10th ESEE Dialogue Conference - MontanUnivesität Leoben, March 27-29, 2019.
Experts on mining, geology, mineral and metallic raw materials, circular economy, Raw materials industry stakeholders, Policy and decision-makers in the field of raw material prospection and mining and Stakeholders in the field of raw materials education and research came together to foster an international community and future innovation activities in the raw materials sector. A RM@Schools Workshop was held by Mirko Seri from CNR and students from HTL Leoben performed a hands-on experiment on "Fascination Salt".
Raw Materials event | Agenda | ESEE Brochure | Web album
RM@Schools Ambassador: Mirko Seri

teachers workshop Slovenia
"Competent teacher – heart of contemporary school", Laško (9 March 2019) & Bled (23 March 2019) - Slovenia.
RM@Schools Ambassador participated to the two events giving lectures on Geology and Raw Materials resources in formal education system in Slovenia: "I care about Geology". The RM@Schools EU project and its methodology was also presented with the aim to inform teachers about possibilities to gain training on its topics.
RM@Schools Ambassador: Rok Brajković

3rd workshop Budapest
3rd Workshop of RM@Schools at Bay Zoltán, Budapest, 21-22 March 2019
Focus on the RM@Schools’ results obtained up to now, the future planning and sharing experiences/ comments/ criticities.
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1st RM@Schools Workshop Lisbon
1st Workshop of RM@Schools @FCT NOVA, Lisbon, 14 March 2019
300 students and 6 teachers, coordinated by Luisa Santos, participated at the event organized at the "Emídio Navarro High School" in Almada (Portugal).
RM@Schools Ambassador: João Pedro Veiga

Open Doors Day - UPM Madrid 2019
Open Doors Days at UPM, Madrid, 14-15 March 2019.
A class of Italian students from Porretta Terme, Bologna participate to the event in Madrid.
Students' Report | Web album
RM@Schools Ambassadors: Miguel Izquierdo Diaz, David Bolonio, and Liliana Medic Pejic
IPSIA Ferraris, Catanzaro
Open access event: Electronic for electric cars - Catanzaro 12 March 2019.
Young RM Ambassadors in action at IPSIA Ferraris in collaboration with the European project "CHALLENGE"
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RM@Schools Ambassador: Marica Canino
RM@Schools for teacher in Berlin
RM@Schools workshop for teachers - Berlin (6-7/03/2019).
25 people from different European countries met in Berlin to discuss how to improve conditions for teaching about raw materials at secondary schools as well as the teaching itself. Among them 19 teachers of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) from Italy, Austria, Germany and Belgium, and 5 from the staff of the RM@Schools consortium representing Italy, Austria, Estonia and Germany.
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Event in Slovenia
Educational Workshop for 2.nd graders
Primary schools, of dr. Ivana Korošca Borovnica, Slovenia (07/03/2019).
66 pupils from second grade of primary school with their teachers, got to know the importance of raw materials in everyday life. The proposed activities helped raise the awareness about the importance of raw materials, their production, uses and recycling, as well as the properties of different minerals and rocks and importance of geology in our life. Report
RM@Schools Ambassador: Rok Brajković
Event in Lié:ge
"La Boite á culture" - Mediacité Liège, 05/03/2019.
The mobile phone workshop was carried out at Médiacité, a big shopping mall in Liège.
RM@Schools Ambassador: Martine Vanherck
Energia oggi e domani
GiTE: Conference of Prof. Emeritus V. Balzani , Bologna, 20/02/2019.
In collaboration with GiTe - Giornate sulla Termoelettricità (Days on thermoelectricity)
Within the activities of RM@Schools 3.0, three classes of students from Lissone (Italy) attended the conference. They were involved with themes of strategic raw materials for the EU economy, energy transition and new technologies. After this experience they became young RM Ambassadors and committed themselves to spread about in their city the issues on circular economy with seminar events and games.
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RM@Schools Ambassador: Alberto Zanelli
Workshop for teachers Bologna
Workshop for teachers on the RM@Schools Methodology - Bologna, Jan 28, 2019.
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RM@Schools Ambassadors: Annalisa Aluigi & Giovanna Sotgiu
Event in Slovenia
High School Jurija Vega, Idrija (Slovenia), Jan 25, 2019.
On the workshop, pupils from high school Jurija Vega, got to know the importance of raw materials in everyday lives. Through the workshop connection between minerals, ore and raw materials was presented. They also learned about classification of raw materials and their importance form modern society.
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RM@Schools Ambassador: Rok Brajković
Video Storytelling
Workshop for students on Video Storytelling - Bologna, Jan 17, 2019.
Students attend to a lecture about how to produce a video storytelling tutored by Maura Romano (MeltingPro).
RM@Schools Ambassador: Armida Torreggiani

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White Night for Science - May 4, 2019 - Lissone (Italy).
Workshop for teachers, Berlin - March 6-7, 2019 - Berlin (Germany).
"Energia oggi e domani" - Conference by Prof. V. Balzani, February 20, 2019 - Bologna (Italy).

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HorizonChem 2019 April 5, 2019, University of Milano - Bicocca.
Strategies for substitution and recycling of materials for an eco-sustainable economy- University of Milano-Bicocca, April 4, 2019.
10th ESEE Dialogue Conference - March 27-29, 2019, MontanUnivesität Leobeni (Austria).
3rd Workshop of RM@Schools at bay Zoltán, March 21-22, 2019 - Budapest (Hungary).
Open Doors Days, March 14-15, 2019, UPM Madrid (Spain)
Electronic for electric cars, March 12, 2019, IPSIA Ferraris - Catanzaro (Italy)
Workshop for teachers, March 6-7, 2019 - Berlin (Germany).
Students from Lissone (Italy) attend a conference at the, February 20, 2019, Bologna (Italy).
Workshop for teachers on the RM@Schools Methodology, January 28, 2019, Bologna (Italy).
VII. CULTURAL MARATHON, January 25, 2019 - Idrija (Slovenia).