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European Conference 2018

3rd European Conference of RM@Schools
8th of November 2018 - Bologna


4th of October 2018 - Budapest

international Science Fairi, Wetsus

International Science Fair
September 26-29, 2018 - Leeuwarden

2nd ESEE Education Working Group Workshop - Graz 2018
2nd ESEE Education Working Group Workshop - Graz, Dec 10 - 11, 2018.
On early 2018 ECLC partners were invited to form an education working group with the role of working together with the ECLC developing an ESEE Education Strategy.
The main purpose of the meeting was to generate education project ideas and create pilot programs for transferring good practices to ESEE region.
Program | web album
Isola della Sostenibilita`- Roma 2018
Isola della Sostenibilità - Roma - Dec 5, 2018.
A National Project in which Institutions, Research Institutions and Companies meet to educate and inform the new generations on themes of sustainable development.
Young RM@Schools Ambassadors of Liceo Augusto Righi (Bologna) in action at the event proposing hands on experiments.
Program | CNR WEBTV | web album | video
I.S. Ascanio Sobrero - Festa Eccellenze
Celebrating Excellences at I.S. "Ascanio Sobrero" - Casale Monferrato, Alessandria (Italy) - Dec 1, 2018.
The excellence of RM@Schools young Ambassadors of the "Ascanio Sobrero" school was celebrated during a special event. The winners of the International Science Fair in Leeuwarden delivered their "Prussian Blue" toolkit to Armida during the cerimony.
Program | Web album
RM@Schools Annual Conference
3rd European Conference RM@Schools
Nov 8, 2018 - Research Area of Bologna.
The annual event with European partners and some of the schools enrolled in the RM@Schools project. Young RM Ambassadors from Austria, Spain, Estonia, Germany, Belgium and Italy participated to the event presenting their work.
Flyer | web album|
video of the conference |
An Effective Communication of Science (RM@Schools) Marco Castellazzi (video)
9th ESEE Dialogue Conference - Nov 6, 2018, Podgorica (Montenegro)
RM@Schools Ambassador Marica Canino participated to the conference proposing hands-on experiment to students
Leaflet | Program | web album
RM University day
RawMaterials University day - 25 Oct 2018, Milan
Target: students from high schools and from the Materials Science and Chemistry degree courses.
Program | web album
Festa della Storia - Oct 20, 2018 - Ozzano dell'Emilia (Bologna)
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Austrian final meeting
1st AUSTRIAN RM@Schools FINAL, 18-19 Oct 2018 - Montanuniverstitaet Leoben
Schools from all over Austria presented a topic related to Raw Materials at the 1st Austrian RM@Schools Final. The two day event also included a university tour and a science journalism workshop. The winning team of the event was sent to the RM@Schools Bologna Conference to present their project.
Program | web album
V3isegrad meeting
Train the trainers -Joined Workshop V4isegrad and RM@Schools
Bay Zoltan - Budapest 16 october 2018
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Fete de la Science - Le Viasiatome
Fête de la science au Visiatome - Centre de Marcoule, France
8-14 October 2018
During the week: 2000 pupils and 1000 individuals and families visited Le Visiatome.
400 people came on the RM@School stand.
Flyer | Presentation | web album
INNOVEIT 2018 - EIT AWARDS - 4th October 2018
Armida Torreggiani, RM@Schools coordinator, is one of the 12 nominees for the EIT WOMAN Award 2018 which recognises the outstanding achievements of women entrepreneurs and leaders from our Innovation Communities.
2nd out of 38 nominees in the EIT Public Award
Mineral resources in Slovenia, Velenje (Slovenia)
1rst October 2018
Event organised in Coal Museum of Slovenia, will be an active workshop in which pupils will, through active teaching methods, observation and experiments, learn about Mineral resources in Slovenia and their importance in society.
Organiser: Geological survey of Slovenia, Ljubljana
Project website in Slovenia.
European Researchers' Night 2018 in Tallin
European Researchers’ Night at
Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech)
Tallin 28th September 2018
The various activities of the Researchesrs`s Night Festival in Taltech took place over the campus of the University of Technology. Children, adolescents, adults, older people, students and entrepreneurs got to know more about science through workshops, meetings with researchers and laboratory visits.
Researchers' night in Lisbon
European Researchers’ Night at
FCT NOVA University
Lisbon 28th September 2018
web album
European Researchers' Night in Milan

Sep 28-29, 2018
web album
Researchers' Night 2018, Budapest
European Researchers' Night in Budapest
Sep 28, 2018
"Quick Quiz" about critical raw materials, and presentation of the RM@Schools project and of a toolkit.
All participants who made the Quiz received an RM@Schools Certificate as they made the first steps to become for a professional RM Ambassador.
Program |  web album
European Researchers' Night 2018, Stockholm
European Researchers' Night
Vetenskapens Hus, Stockholm
Sep 28, 2018
Sciences' House - in Stockholm
Activities range from experiments and maker spaces to demonstrations, shows and exhibitions, as well as science cafés and talks in small groups. The events are aimed at showing that researchers are ordinary people with extraordinary jobs and that research is all about communication and international cooperation.
Program |  web album
Notte dei Ricercatori 2018, Bologna
European Researchers' Night
Liceo Copernico, Bologna
Sep 28, 2018
Liceo Scientifico Copernico

Program |  web album | video
Notte dei Ricercatori 2018, Brindisi
European Researchers' Night
Cittadella della Ricerca, Brindisi (Italy)
Sep 28, 2018
ECODOM was involved in this European event. An RM Ambassador guided kids and adults to the discovery of “La giungla dei RAEE” by showing them the critical raw material inside their smartphone or notebook. An exhibition space was set up where kids and adults had the opportunity to discover with our help some materials recovered from the proper treatment of the WEEE collected. Ecodom notte ricerca
Conferenza DSCTM Assisi
DSCTM Conference 2018, Assisi (IT) Sep 24, 2018
Keynote Lecture - Armida Torreggiani:
"There isn’t any science without communication: collaborative dialogue between research and school"
Poster Communication - Raffaella Soave: "RM@Schools 3.0: A Wider Society Learning Project"
RM@Schools at RemTech Expo,
Ferrara (IT), Sep 19-21, 2018
Young RM Ambassadors set up a stand in this big international event. The stand was visited at least by 200 visitors and the students interviewed by RiciclaTV.
websites: School | RemTech Expo

RiciclaTV is an Italian channel dedicated to recycling problems
SGU geological day
RM@Schools Geology day,
Sep 8, 2018
During this day, the Geological Survey of Sweden organized activities for kids and their parents to discover Earth sciences at Biotopia, a museum and science center in Uppsala, Sweden.

Biotopia Museum, Uppsala

Report on the event |  web album
Ciencia Viva
Ciência Viva, FCT NOVA, Lisbon (Portugal).
July 9-13, 2018
Outreach: 80 High School Students at FCT NOVA during 1 week.

FCT NOVA website
RM@Schools 3.0 Workshop, FCT NOVA, Lisbon (Portugal).
June 26-27, 2018
FCT NOVA website

Final Agenda | web album
Paola Ambrogi
24th Symposium on Chemistry and Science Education - Bremen,
June 01-03, 2018.
Paola Ambrogi talks about RM@Schools project at the Symposium. She is a professor of chemistry, currently working at IIS "L. Nobili" of Reggio Emilia. She deals with initial and in-service training of professors in the scientific area. Her research activity focuses on active and cooperative learning, on authentic evaluation and on the analysis of chemistry curricula.
Program | Abstract
Behind the Screen 2018 - Rimini
Behind the screen - Rimini,
May 22, 2018.
Conference organized by Young RM@Schools Ambassadors of class 3H, Liceo Statale "A. Serpieri", Rimini, on "Rare earths and smartphones"
Poster | Presentation (pdf)
Isola della sostenibilità - Bologna,
May 11, 2018.
Isola della Sostenibilità is an Italian national project in which Institutions, Research Institutions and Companies meet together to educate and inform the new generations about sustainable development issues.
Young RM@Schools Ambassadors enter in action at the event by Liceo Sabin to engage other students with hands-on experiments.
Leaflet | Rationale | Program | Web album
May 4-6, 2018.
RM@Schools Ambassador Annalisa Aluigi (CNR-ISOF) presents:"Research-School Collaboration: involving pupils in the development of a toolkit to increase their understanding of protein chemistry". It was shown how this activity has stimulated students to make connections between experiments and theories studied in textbooks.
Website | Leaflet | Abstract
Annual Conference of the "Junior Engineer Academy" - Paderborn, April 20 - 21, 2018.
RM@Schools Ambassador Beate Brede (Fraunhofer IFAM) presents the European Project at the event. The conference gathers together representatives of a network of 99 schools in Germany which have implemented a junior-engineer-academy in their schools. Besides the conference and the workshops, there was the possibility to present projects in "booths", so that the participants could inform themselves during coffee breaks etc.
Website | Leaflet
EXPO FCT, Open Day at FCT NOVA, Lisbon - April 11, 2018.
About 6000 high school students with by their teachers took part in EXPO FCT, an open day at FCT NOVA. The department of Materials Science is one of the most visited, due to lots of proposed activities.
Portuguese young RM@Schools Ambassadors involved students in activities related with raw materials.
RM@Schools Ambassador: João Pedro Veiga and Rui Igreja
Website | web album
Printemps des Sciences - Liège - March 24-25, 2018
RM@Schools Ambassador: Martine Vanherck
web album
Imola Scienza - Public event organized by RM Young Ambassadors
Public Event organized in the Biblioteca Comunale - Imola (Italy) - by Class 3DS (16 yrs students) of Liceo Rambaldi Valeriani with their teacher Susanna Marri.
Young RM Ambassadors involved citizens on raw materials presenting their activities realized in the framework of RM@Schools and inviting them to reflect on the cars' evolution in time.
RM@Schools Ambassador: Marica Canino and Luigi Bruzzi
Scienzae | leaflet | web album | video
Italian studens visit KHT - Sweden
Students of class 4D - Liceo N. Copernico, Bologna (Italy) - visit the KTH ROYAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY in Stockholm (Sweden).
web album
Italian studens attend to Expominerales 2018 - Madrid, 9-11 March
Students from class 4A of Institute of Higher Education Montessori-Da Vinci (Porretta Terme, Italy) go to Spain to attend to Expominerales 2018, an event hosted by the School of Mining Engeneering of Madrid, while talking with students and teachers about energy sources and Rare-earth elements.
RM@Schools Ambassador: Liliana Medic Pejic
video (short version 1:35')
video (original version 14:01')
Experimental Workshops on WEEE Recycling
Six Experimental Workshops were carried out (March 6 - July 18, 2018) with German students from Lower Saxony, Hessia, Northern Rhine-Westphalia and Bavaria on WEEE Recycling themes.
RM@Schools Ambassador: Jochen Brinkmann
web album
Workshop for teachers, March 2-3, 2018 - Tallin (EE)
chemistry workshop in Clausthal
Chemistry Workshop - Clausthal (DE)
Organised by the faculty of sciences and material sciences of the Clausthal University of Technology (TUC) as well as the Robert-Koch-Schule (RKS).
RM@Schools Ambassadors: Jochen Brinkmann (TUC), Axel Frenke (RKS), Alberto Zanelli (CNR-ISOF), Gabriele Caronna and Riccardo Ugolini (Liceo Galvani Bologna).
Program | web album
Oberharz newspaper:
Feb 24 | Feb 27 | Mar 3 | Mar 5
GZlive (DE) | (EN) | (IT) | More on GZlive:
International Workshop
Explosive final with a lot of humor
MINTforum Bremen - Fraunhofer IFAM
(11 Feb 2018).
RM@Schools Ambassador Beate Brede (Fraunhofer IFAM) presents the European Project the MINTforum meeting.
kick-off meeting
Kick-off meeting & 1rst Workshop
RM@Schools 3.0 in Bologna (8-9 Feb 2018).
web album

RM@Schools youtube channel  Videos

Isola della sostenibilità - December 5, 2018, Rome (Italy)
3rd European Conference of RM@Schools - November 8, 2018, Bologna (Italy)
An Effective Communication of Science (RM@Schools) - Marco Castellazzi - 8th November 2018, 3rd European Conference RM@Schools, Bologna (Italy)
INNOVEIT 2018 - 4th October 2018, Budapest (Hungary)
European Researchers' Night - 28th September 2018, Liceo N. Copernico, Bologna (Italy)
Isola della sostenibilità - 11th May 2018, Bologna (Italy)
Imola Scienza, 15th March 2018, Imola (Italy)
Open Door Day - Expominerales 2018 (short version 1:35'), 9th - 11 th March 2018, Madrid (Spain)
Open Door Day - Expominerales 2018 (original version 14:01'), 9th - 11 th March 2018, Madrid (Spain)

Web Album

2nd ESEE Education Working Group Workshop - 10th & 11th December 2018.
Isola della Sostenibilità - 5th December 2018, Rome (Italy)
Celebrating Excellences at I.S. "Ascanio Sobrero" 1rst December 2018, Casale Monferrato, Alessandria (Italy)
Annual conference - 8th November 2018, Bologna (Italy)
9th ESEE Dialogue Conference - 6th November 2018, Podgorica (Montenegro)
RawMaterials University day - 25th October 2018, Milan (Italy)
Festa della Storia - 20th October 2018 - Ozzano dell'Emilia, Bologna (Italy)
1st Austrian RM@Schools Final - 18th-19th October 2018 - Montanuniverstität Leoben (Austria)
Train the trainers -Joined Workshop V4isegrad and RM@Schools - 16th October 2018, Budapest (Hungary)
Fête de la science au Visiatome - 8th-14thOctober 2018, Centre de Marcoule (France)
European Researchers' Night at FCT NOVA University - 28th September 2018, Lisbon (Portugal)
European Researchers' Night: MEETmeTONIGHT- 28th - 29th September 2018, Milan (Italy)
European Researchers' Night - 28th September 2018, Busapest (Hungary)
European Researchers' Night - 28th September 2018, Vetenskapens Hus, Stockholm (Sweden)
Researchers' Night - Bologna - 28th September, 2018, Bologna (Italy)
International Science Fair 2018 - 28th September, 2018, Leeuwarden (Netherlands)
International Science Fair 2018 - 27thSeptember, 2018, Leeuwarden (Netherlands)
International Science Fair 2018 - 26th September, 2018, Leeuwarden (Netherlands)
RM@Schools Geology day - 8th September 2018, Biotopia Museum, Uppsala (Sweden)
RM@Schools 3.0 Workshop - 26th - 27th June 26-27, 2018, Lisbon (Portugal)
Isola della sostenibilità - 11th May 2018, Bologna (Italy)
EXPO FCT - Nova, 11th April 2018, Lisbon (Portugal)
Printemps des Sciences, 24th - 25th March 2018, Liège (Belgium)
Experimental Workshops on WEEE Recycling, 15th March 2018, TU-Clausthal (Germany)
Imola Scienza - 15th March 2018, Imola (Italy)
Italian students visit KHT, 12th March 2018, Stockholm (Sweden)
Chemistry Workshop - 25th February - 3rd March 2018, Clausthal (Germany)
Kick-off meeting & first workshop of RM@Schools 3.0 - 8th and 9th February 2018, Bologna (Italy)