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16 Dec 2016 - Liege (Belgium) Wider Society Learning to Shape our Future.
RM@Schools Ambassadors will participate to the first WSL workshop within the EIT RawMaterials community.
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December 2016 - EIT Raw Materials Newsletter: they speak about RM@Schools project. Read the newsletter (pdf)
30 Nov 2016 - Brussels (Belgium). RM@Schools young Ambassadors participate to the workshop "EIT raw Materials - Education strengthening raw material sector" during the Raw Materials Week.
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22-23 Nov 2016 - Bologna (Italy) - Final Annual Meeting. RM@Schools Ambassadors at the CNR Area in Bologna.
Download the program (pdf) video
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4-5 Jul 2016 - Madrid (Spain) - 4-th Workshop RM@Schools at the School of Mining and Energy Engineering and Foundation Gomez Pardo. Download the program (pdf).
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23-24 May 2016 - Leeuwarden (The Netherlands). 2-nd and 3-rd Workshop of RM@Schools at WETSUS, European centre of excellence for sustainable water technology.
Download the program (pdf).
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11 March 2016 - Bologna (Italy). 1-rst RM@Schools Workshop. Objectives and working program, method, organization and management.
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10 March 2016 - Bologna (Italy) - Kick-off Meeting at Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (C.N.R.)- Research Area in Bologna. Website.
RM@Schools group

A Success Story

The RM@Schools project aggregated partners from six European countries: CNR & Aster (Italy), Bay Zoltán (Hungary), TU Claustahl (Germany), Wetsus (Netherlands), UPM Madrid (Spain), and GeMMe (Belgium). The challenge of the RM@Schools project to engage the youngsters (10-19 yrs) and make them to become Raw MatTTERS Ambassadors themselves [TERS stands for Tackling European Resourses Sustainably (focus on sustainability, efficient use of all natural resources)], resulted to be very successful.
During the Final Meeting in Bologna more than 450 students from schools of different levels, gathered to show the results and the learning pathways they have followed to understand the importance of sustainable and responsible use of raw materials in our daily life (from cell phones to photovoltaic panels). They also demonstrated how to make scientific and technological education in the raw materials field more attractive. See some of their work done in 2016.

The uniform of the RM@Schools team is a white sweatshirt/T-shirt with the European flag and the logo of the project.

RM@Schools videos

"Wider Society Learning to Shape our Future" - 16 Dec 2016, Liége

Final Annual Meeting - 22 - 23 Nov 2016, Bologna