“The Night Has its Might” at Indija Geopark

“The Night Has its Might” at Indija Geopark

23 September, 2021
Unesco Global Geopark - Indrija (SI)

In the Idrija Geopark (Idrija Unesco Global Geopark), GeoZS organized workshops titled Geology Day for almost 200 seventh-graders from Idrija, Spodnja Idrija, Črni Vrh nad Idrijo and Cerkno Schools students. They learned about the meaning and use of geology in everyday life on the basis of a selected object (car, water bottle, concrete, pencil, powder etc.). Solving the puzzle about the selected object led them through practical tasks at seven thematic stations: Observe and Investigate (Minerals), KamenCheck (Rocks), All Living Things (Fossils), Good Water (Water Properties), Separate, Recycle (Environmental Protection), Find Yourself (Geological Maps) and Do not Pack (Aquifer Model).

The workshops were part of the activities of the project “The Night Has its Might” (European Researchers Night 2021).

RM Ambassadors: Nina Valand & Rok Brajković

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