Second webinar for Abc live

Second webinar for Abc live

05 May, 2021

AIRCNC is an innovative startup born from the need of finding high quality workings even of small batches at an adequate price. The starting idea was that in today’s world every resource makes more sense only if shared. AIRCNC created a web to make available the unused hours of machine tools and production resources of subcontractors and manufacturers in particular in small and medium size factories. It is a way of seeing a fluid economy, in which everything in which we invest can give the maximum return and the minimum waste.

“Abc live, the pleasure of learning” is a web platform whose mission is to share the joy of learning, the desire to know, the passion for research on the web. The lessons are intended for everyone, from 4 to 100 years old, and live, because they believe in the relationship between people, in meeting as a moment of individual and social growth.

RM Ambassador: Eleonora Polo

Full video of the webinar Abc live's website