Rome Video Game Lab 2021

Rome Video Game Lab 2021

05 November, 2021 - 06 November, 2021
Cinecittà - Rome (IT)

RM@Schools participated to this year’s edition of the Rome Video Game Lab with three activities, involving more than 60 participants in total:

“RockGame: the rock cycle” – What do we know about rocks and minerals? How are they analyzed and distinguished? Due to their differences in composition, they have different properties, which reflect in their applications. A full immersion in the world of minerals and rocks was proposed by combining the Rock Game board with the RockCheck app and the direct observation of the samples. This activity was carried out first with 22 students playing the game, and then with a public exhibition in the hall.

“EcoCEO: a board game on circular economy” – Circular economy becomes a board educational game for young people with EcoCEO. In fact, by putting themself into the shoes of a company’s CEO, they get involved into the circular economy issue and related business models. Besides, they get in touch with the problems related to raw materials and are pushed to find a way to design circular products and propose a sustainable entrepreneurship.

“RAWsiko: hunting for raw materials!” – The game allowed participants to compete on the global map of strategic raw materials in the world to control the deposits needed to build hi-tech devices. Participants experienced the complexity of sourcing raw materials needed for some everyday devices, which make the ecological transition to a low-carbon economy possible.

RM Ambassadors: Alberto Zanelli, Armida Torregiani, Renata Lapinka-Viola & Lorenzo Forini


Video of the event Rome Video Game Lab's website