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National Research Council of Italy


email Armida Torreggiani (RM@Schools project coordinator) - Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche - ISOF, Bologna
email Ornella Francioso - Alma Mater Studiorum, University of Bologna
email Cinzia Cristiani Politecnico di Milano
email Simona Binetti - Università degli Studi di Milano - Bicocca (University of Milano- Bicocca)
email Michela Tassistro - Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche - SCITEC, Genova
email Antonella Castellano - ERION - Ecodom Remedia Producer Responsibility
email Andrea Ienco & email Gianna Reginato - Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche - ICCOM, Firenze


The National Research Council (CNR) is the largest multidisciplinary public Research Institution in Italy, distributed all over the country through a network of institutes. Particularly, CNR research scientists have a long experience in dissemination activities promoted by means of a successful national dissemination project, active in Bologna since 2003. This previous experience helped to successfully start to coordinate a group of six European partners within the RM@Schools project of the EIT KIC of Raw Materials in 2016. The aim of these actions is to turn on young people's interest in respect of scientific research, as well as scientific communication through their involvement in a popularization work. Students are then asked to become “science popularisers" themselves to explain the subjects introduced by scientists and produce dissemination material (i.e. movie, comic strips, website, etc.). Every year the Research Area in Bologna dedicates a special week to celebrate the best communication products with students and teachers.



Places of interest

Didactic Scientific Museum Bombicci - Bologna (Italy)
This small museum preserves a 'real gem' of the school history in the town of Bologna, collecting toolkits specifically aimed to teach science at schools.
Address: via Sant'Isaia, 20 - Bologna (Italy)
Mineralogical Museum Bombicci - Bologna (Italy)
One of the University Museums in Bologna, which promotes specific activities aimed at schools. To intrigue and bring pupils closer to the museum realities and guide them to the discovery of science and its history.
The Museum of Mineralogy - Rome (Italy)
The Sapienza University of Rome owns one of the most important collections of meteorites in Europe.
Gambatesa Mine - Aveto Park, Genova (Italy)
The Gambatesa mine was Europe's largest manganese mine. It worked from 1876 to 2011.
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Predoi mines - Valle Aurina, Bolzano (Italy)
The copper mine of Predoi Rettenbach is about 1400 m long. In past centuries, in its narrow tunnels, hundreds of men were working at the extraction of copper which was really a very hard and complex job. Nowadays, it can be visited and get to know the ancient work of miners.
Geomining Park - Sardinia (Italy)
Sardinia's Park has been proclaimed the first historical and environmental geo-mining Park in the world, an example of the new world network of Geo-sites and Geoparks established on the occasion of the UNESCO General Conference.
Park of San Silvestro - Piombino (Italy)
The area of the Park is rich in minerals called “sulphides” formed following geological processes dating back to around 5 million years ago. The sulphides contain sulphur related to metals such as copper, lead, iron and zinc.
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Museums of Cave del Predil - Val del Rio del Lago, Udine (Italy)
The complex of the museums of Cave del Predil blends together: the “Museum of Military History of the Julian Alps"; the “International Geological-Mining Park", and the “Mining Lab (ML)”, an exhibition of mining activities formerly here performed.
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