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If you are a science teacher and are interested in engaging your class of 10-19 yrs students in subjects related to raw materials, you are invited to access to our Virtual Centre virtual centre.
The Virtual Centre offers learning pathways supplied with detailed explanations and toolkits to perform hands-on experiments sized on the students' age. You can also interact with the tutors of each educational pathway and discuss with them.
In the following you find a summary of RM-related themes (Learning Pathways) and what you can get from our Virtual Centre (teaching materials, videos, experimental procedures).

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Learning Pathways


Learning Pathways: Geology & Mining | Recycling & Circular Economy| Substitution

Geology & Mining

10-13 yrs Exploring and drilling reservoirs: the filled cupcake

  • Discovering Minerals and Rocks: a filled cupcake shows us how a reservoir looks like. (download pdf).

10-13 yrs The geological sandwich

  • Three slices of different types of bread, such as white bread, brown bread, bread with cereals with jam and cream cheese, can be used to illustrate geological phenomena.(download pdf).

yellow botton Plant4RM: a green solution for heavy metal recovery and pollution

  • Phytoremediation and phytomining of heavy metals from rich soils by using plants (download pdf).

red botton Metallurgy of copper

    Experimentation of the metallurgical processes used to produce copper in the industry. Three experiences (download pdf).:

turquoise botton Iron & Alloys

  • Manipulation of samples of rocks, ores, minerals and pure metal and experiment on density based on the Archimedes' principle (download pdf).

Learning Pathways: Geology & Mining | Recycling & Circular Economy| Substitution

Recycling & Circular Economy

red botton Solid phase ion-exchange in recycling processes (cation exchanger)

  • Diluted aqueous solutions of metal salts are obtained during recycling processes. The use of ion exchange resins has been proofed to be the process of choice in this field (download pdf).

red botton Flotation

  • is the industrial process of removing printing ink from paper fibers of recycled paper to make deinked pulp. In Europe the most common process is froth flotation deinking (download pdf).

yellow botton Dismantling of mobile phone

  • Disassembly of mobile phones, association between materials contained in the mobile phones and resources extracted and processed to produce the mobile phones (download pdf).

red botton Separation of copper and iron - two approaches

  • Precipitation and leaching: A more or less complex mixture of metal salts can be separated in the pure metals using a sequence of reactions causing some components to precipitate. This strategy is utilized in gold mining operations where gold is leached using cyanides (download pdf).
  • Anion exchanger: Separation of Cu2+ and Fe3+ by an ion exchanger (exchange resin) and the following detection reactions (download pdf).

yellow botton Don't through away your mobile!

turquoise botton Saving copper from waste

red botton Renewable keratin wastes for use in metal mining

  • Biopolymers from sustainable resources are being considered as alternatives to commodity synthetic polymers. Keratin from wool wastes can be used to prepare biodegradable new products for biomedical fields and filtration systems for water depuration and air cleaning (download pdf).

red botton RM ∈ HDD

red botton Struvite from urine

Learning Pathways: Geology & Mining | Recycling & Circular Economy| Substitution


red botton Raw Material Substitution in electronic, optoelectronic and photovoltaic technologies

  • Substitution of critical RMs in PV such as Gallium and Indium in solar cells, by using Organic Materials. Use of graphene to substitute ITO used as transparent conductive electrode in flat displays and in solar cells (download pdf).

yellow botton Doodle Toolkits Magnetic materials

Learning Pathways: Geology & Mining | Recycling & Circular Economy| Substitution

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Alberto Zanelli
Less materials more knowledge is the best way for substitution."

Alberto Zanelli, Ambassador

Marica Canino
We Do Not Inherit the Earth from Our Ancestors; We Borrow It from Our Children." (A. Einstein)

Marica Canino, Ambassador

Mirko Seri
A sustainable evolution requires changes, knowledge and a huge responsibility:
are we ready?"

MirKo Seri, Ambassador

Francesca Rapparini
Let the Plant Intelligence become a brilliant problem-solver for RM."

Francesca Rapparini, Ambassador

Jochen Brinkmann
The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.(Plutarch)

Jochen Brinkmann, Ambassador

Christian Otto
It's not about banging your head on the wall, it's just about finding the door with your eyes." (W. von Siemens)

Christian Otto, Ambassador

Patricia Groó-Nagy
Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” ( B. Franklin)

Patricia Groó-Nagy, Ambassador

Cristiano Albonetti
I cannot teach anybody anything; I can only make them think. (Socrates)

Cristiano Albonetti, Ambassador

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