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The RM@Schools YouTube Channel collects the videos of interest for the project.

On producing videos to upload, please, be aware of the Copyright problems and : download free music and sound effects for your project on youtube or from the Creative Commons Free Music Library (Allowed For Reuse)

(Photo from a moment of filming "The Golden Rush" (1925) written, produced, and directed by Charlie Chaplin.)


Wetterskip Frysland logo

Wetterskip Fryslând - Leeuwarden (NL)

Wastewater treatment plant.

Paques logo

Paques - Balk (NL)
aques biotechnology helps companies to reduce fresh water intake, decrease their carbon footprints and reclaim valuable resources from waste.

Tecnica Reunidas

Tecnica Reunidas - Madrid (ES)


Recyflex - Goslar (DE)

“Intelligent resource conservation” is the guiding principle behind their recovery processes, and is therefore the fundamental challenge on which the Group focuses its considerable expertise.


Norzinco - Goslar (DE)

The Norzinco GmbH is a leading European manufacturer/supplier of zinc oxide and zinc dust. Zinc and its compounds are all around us in everyday life. Zinc oxide is as activator in the vulcanization of rubber, as well as irreplaceable in the chemical industry as a raw material for the production of various zinc derivatives.


Asociación Nacional de Empresarios Fabricantes de Áridos [ANEFA] (ES)

ANEFA is one of the oldest and reputed associations of extractive industries and construction products in Spain.


Federación de Áridos [FdA] (ES)

The Federation of Aggregate (FdA) represents the interests of companies producing aggregates in Spain, both nationally, and internationally.

Inst. Geol.

Instituto Geológico y Minero de España (ES)

The Geological and Mining Institute of Spain is a public research body, as an autonomous body under the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.


Ecodom Consortium (IT)

The Ecodom Consortium is an Italian leader in the management of WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipments). Their motto is: "Nothing is destroyed - everything is transformed" Their aim is to maximise the recovery of secondary raw materials and minimise environmental risk, benefiting member producers and the community.


iren (IT)

The Iren Group’s mission is to provide customers and citizens with efficient, high quality services in the fields of energy, integrated water and environmental services, working with proficiency and expertise in full compliance with environmental and safety regulations.
edu.iren is involved in education in schools to improve the culture of substainability and innovation.



The company is specialized in the disposal and treatment of electrical and electronic equipment ("WEEE"), which operates within an environmental project. Its points of excellence are processes for maximum recovery of materials and total regulatory compliance.

Zanardi fonderie

Zanardi Fonderie (IT)

They are leaders in the development and production of ADI – Austempered Ductile Iron, which is produced by Zanardi Fonderie from a strong integrated process in the factory in Minerbe (Verona, ITALY), including the austempering heat treatment.

Places of interest

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Geominero Museum

Geominero Museum - Minerals, Fossiles and Rocks in Madrid (Spain)

The aim of the Geominero Museum is to disseminate knowledge of the richness and diversity of Spain’s geological and mining heritage via the permanent exhibition of representative collec- tions of minerals, rocks and fossils. The mineral collection contains over 10,000 specimens, of which 5600 are on display. The rock collection contains over 1000 specimens, the majority of which are held in the museum’s reserve. The fossil collection has more than 250,000 micro- and macropalaeontological specimens, of which over 10,000 are on permanent show.
Website | Download (pdf)

Museo Didattico Bombicci

Didactic Scientific Museum Bombicci in Bologna (Italy)

This small museum preserves a 'real gem' of the school history in the town of Bologna, collecting toolkits specifically aimed to teach science at schools.
In the framework of pedagogical renewal of national and European education, the Society of Teachers of Bologna entrusted the mineralogist university professor Luigi Bombicci (1833 - 1903) as a curator of this museum. He scientifically organized it with the idea of making science popular and available to all citizens, besides teachers and children. The museum won medals at national and European Exhibitions and successfully works even today as service to teach science in schools.
Address: via Sant'Isaia, 20 - Bologna (Italy)

Museo Mineralogia Roma

Mineralogical Museum, Rome (Italy) The Museum of Mineralogy of the Sapienza University of Rome owns one of the most important collections of meteorites in Europe.


Gambatesa mine

Gambatesa Mine - Aveto Park, Genova (Italy).
The Gambatesa mine was Europe's largest manganese mine. It worked from 1876 to 2011.
Website Youtube

Predoi Mine

Predoi mines - Valle Aurina, Bolzano (Italy)
The copper mine of Predoi Rettenbach is about 1400 m long. In past centuries, in its narrow tunnels, hundreds of men were working at the extraction of copper which was really a very hard and complex job. Nowadays, it can be visited and get to know the ancient work of miners.

Minere Sardegna

Geomining Park, Sardinia (Italy). Sardinia's Park has been proclaimed the first historical and environmental geo-mining Park in the world, an example of the new world network of Geo-sites and Geoparks established on the occasion of the UNESCO General Conference. Website

Minera Livorno

Park of San Silvestro, Piombino (Italy). The area of the Park is rich in minerals called “sulphides” formed following geological processes dating back to around 5 million years ago. The sulphides contain sulphur related to metals such as copper, lead, iron and zinc.
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