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RM@Schools proposes to schools an active learning by involving students (10 - 19 yrs) in experiments with Raw Materials related hands-on educational kits and in communication activities.
All students are introduced into the RM topics by RM Ambassadors (experts from the consortium) at school or in some suitable places such as Mineralogical and Geological Museums or Research Centres.
Classes are transformed into a laboratory and filled with RM-related hands-on educational kits developed by the Consortium. These classes are transformed into a testing group to evaluate the efficacy of RM-related educational pathways. Some classes also perform excursions in Industries. Afterwards, the students from 14 to 19 years old will be involved in a work of science dissemination. The 14 - 19 yrs students will be asked to become young RM Ambassadors themselves by creating dissemination products focused on RMs by using both their mother tongue and the English language. (Download a brief explanation of the project).pdf

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Educational hands-on RM toolkits (experiments) and dissemination tools (game-based tools and approaches, blogs, multimedia tools, etc.) will be designed, developed, and used during the school visits.
The toolkits will focus on six Knowledge & Innovation Themes (KIT): 1. exploration; 2. mining; 3. metallurgical processes; 4. recycling; 5. substitution of critical materials; 6. circular economy.

The project started in 2016 and runs in 2017 under the umbrella of Raw Material Accademy.

Download the RM@Schools Leafletpdf



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Without the raw materials they have inside, our smart phones and our tablets would still be science fiction. If we want Europe to be leading the digital revolution of this century and to keep being the greenest industry on Earth, we need targeted innovation, resource efficiency and recycling, and sustainable supply of raw materials to the European economy. Many of our industries, from car making to renewables also require more educated and skilled professionals working on Raw Materials related jobs. Therefore, the European Commission would like to promote skills and employment on Raw Materials to boost sectorial competitiveness and sustainable growth while showing the huge potential of European raw materials.
(18/12/2013 on youtube, ID=LQFEuFX8wa0)
More information on the European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials website.

Students of 16 yrs become aware of raw materials used in mobiles and relate them to resources coming from around the world, thanks to their involvement in a popularization work.
Class 3B (2016) - teachers: Silvana Bertuzzi and Fabiano De Luca Picione - Liceo Scientifico "N. Copernico", Bologna (Italy).

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