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Liceo Scientifico "N. Copernico" - Bologna (IT)

[S. Y. 2015 - 2016]

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Class 3 A

Teachers: Profs Manuela Visentin and Orietta Massaro

RM Ambassadors: Drs Mirko Seri and Alberto Zanelli

Raw critical materials cover

Raw critical materials

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Class 3 B

Teachers: Profs Silvana Bertuzzi, Annamaria Becca, and Fabiano De Luca Picione

RM Ambassadors: Dr Marica Canino

A treasure in my pocket

Students of 16 yrs become aware of raw materials used in mobiles and relate them to resources coming from around the world, thanks to their involvement in a popularization work.

Video in English with subtitles in Italian.

Substitution: Replacement and Miniaturization

Students of 16 yrs evidence how research helps to substitute raw materials presently widely used with more substainable ones.

Video in English.

Interviews about Consumerism

Students of 16 yrs interview people on the streets to understand their awareness about the large consumption of mobile phones.

Interviews in Italian with subtitles in English.

Class 3 C

Teachers: Profs Nicola Precchia, Annachiara Tognetti

RM Ambassadors: Dr Mirko Seri

slideshow of Different type of solar cells

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Different type of solar cells

Download the presentation (pdf)

slideshow of Solar panels

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Solar Panels

Download the presentation (pdf)

Class 3 E

Teachers: Prof Donata Federici

RM Ambassadors: Drs Cristiano Albonetti and Marica Canino


Light Blue Bulbs

What to do with light bulbs at the end of their life?

Why recycle and transform them from waste to resource?

Download the presentation in English and Italian (pdf)


Raw Materials in PS4

PS4 is one of the most famous consoles in the world: over 30 million PS4s have been sold around the world before January 2016.

It contains a lot of raw materials, most of which are in the magnet of the hard disk, in the PCBs(printed circuit boards) and in the screen that most of the people use to play.

Download the presentation in English (pdf)

or in Italian (pdf)


Li Battery in mobile

Mobile phones are already part of our daily life; the society and manufacturers are constantly pushing us to buy new, la test models of mobile phones. The ones which are thrown away become toxic trash, which are often not recycled.

Download the presentation in English (pdf)

Class 3 F


RM Ambassadors: Dr Annalisa Aluigi

Students' website about keratin

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