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Keratin - toolkit

Toolkit: Renewable keratin wastes for use in metal mining

16-17 yrs students collaborate to the construction of the RM@Schools toolkit by testing it, preparing and assembling the box with the material to be proposed to schools.
Class 3 M Liceo L. Galvani, Bologna (Italy)
Teacher: Maria Franca Faccenda
RM Ambassadors: Annalisa Aluigi

Graphene - a scientific journal

Graphene Journal

Young RM@Schools Ambassadors publish a number of a scientific journal on graphene and invite people to read it:
"Have you got any idea of what graphene is? First take a look to the results of a survay, ... "
Class 3 A Liceo N. Copernico, Bologna (Italy)
Teacher: Lucia Cantoni
RM Ambassadors: Alberto Zanelli and Simone Dell'Elce

Graphene - a scientific journal

Graphene website

Students of 17 yrs ...
Class 3 ES Liceo Torricelli Ballardini, Faenza (Italy)
Teacher: Francesca Oliviero
RM Ambassadors: Alberto Zanelli and Simone Dell'Elce

Graphene - a scientific journal

Super Cell

Young students of 11-12 yrs convince people not to through their cells away by means of a nice cartoon. Their superhero "Super Cell" helps the young Marco to convince his grandmother ...
Class I C Scuola Media Zanotti, Bologna (Italy)
Teacher: Loiola and Lippi
RM Ambassadors: Marica Canino

Public event organized by RM Young Ambassadors

Young Raw MatTTERS Ambassadors involved citizens in the reflection and discussion on Raw Materials during a public event by presenting their activities and inviting them to 'Be the change that you wish to see in the world." (Mahatma Gandhi"). The Public Event was organized in Biomercato Villa Serena on March 23, 2017 in San Lazzaro di Savena, Bologna by Class 3N (16 years old students) of Liceo Galvani in Bologna (Italy).
Class 3 N Liceo Galvani, Bologna (Italy)
Teachers: Mariagrazia Fabbri
RM Ambassador: Marica Canino

"Have you seen it ?" Looking out for Europium.

In line with the style of a popular television program,17- 18 years old students look out for europium, ... (video in Italian subtitled in English)
Class 4 A Liceo Scientifico Augusto Righi, Bologna (Italy)
Teachers: Serena Saracchi and Susy Gargiulo
RM Ambassadors: Cristiano Albonetti, Marica Canino, and Alberto Zanelli

"Graphene project" on Facebook

"Graphene Project is part of RM@School European project in collaboration with C.N.R . We are students involved in science and in safeguarding the planet, our objective is to create a disclosed product to explain everybody the brilliant proprieties of graphene, in a simple and efficient way, using videos and interactive posts." facebook
Class 3 C Liceo Scientifico "N. Copernico", Bologna (Italy)
Teachers: Patrizia Zambonelli and Annachiara Tognetti
RM Ambassadors: Simone Dell'Elce and Alberto Zanelli

lana blu

Keratin for metal mining - Website

Biopolymers from sustainable resources are being considered as alternatives to commodity synthetic polymers. Keratin from wool wastes can be used to prepare biodegradable new products for biomedical fields and filtration systems for water depuration and air cleaning.
GO TO the website
Class 4 F Liceo Scientifico "N. Copernico", Bologna (Italy)
Teacher: Gabriella Fenocchio
RM Ambassador: Annalisa Aluigi


"Polaroid Raw Materials" - Website

Students examine a polaroid looking for raw materials inside the camera: film, battery, and lenses. By means of a clickable image they show details of its components containing raw materials and present their technical and economical aspects.
GO TO the website
Class 4 E Liceo Scientifico "N. Copernico", Bologna (Italy)
Teachers: Donata Federici
RM Ambassadors: Cristiano Albonetti, Marica Canino


The evolution of smartphone is shown since 1984 and its components analyzed.
Class 4 B Liceo Scientifico "N. Copernico", Bologna (Italy)
Teachers: Silvana Bertuzzi, Annamaria Becca, and Fabiano De Luca Piccioni
RM Ambassador: Marica Canino

Plant4RM toolkit

Young Ambassadors illustrate the steps needed to carry out the experiment proposed by the Plant4RM toolkit.

Class 4 E ITAC "Scarabelli-Ghini", Imola (Italy)
Teachers: Sabina Salomoni and Simona Baldoni
RM Ambassadors: Francesca Rapparini and Giancarlo Marconi

scuola media Zanotti

Do not throw away your cellphone

Young Italian students of 12-13 yrs consider the raw materials contained in a cellphone to convince Italian people not to throw their cells away. Presentation in Italian.
Class I C Scuola Media Zanotti - Bologna (Italy)
Teachers: Avelia Lippi and Loiola
RM Ambassadors: Marica Canino

Educational Cards

Class: Class 3 A - Liceo Scientifico G. Bruno, Budrio (Bologna), Italy

Teacher: Costanza Tabanelli

RM Ambassadors: Cristiano Albonetti

TV color

Raw materials for TV colors: Terbium


Educational card: Europium


Educational card: Gadolinium

Do not thow away your cellphone

Class I B I.I.S. Nobili - Reggio Emilia (Italy)

Teachers: P. Ambrogi, E.M. Pandini, and B. D'Orazio

RM Ambassadors: Marica Canino


Students of 14-15 yrs motivate the reason why we should not so easely throw away our cellphone. english (pdf) | italian (pdf)


Resources are not infinite, but they are necessary for progress.


Smartphones are made up of different parts, i.e. the display, the shell and the processors ...

RM@ ... Mines and Factories

Excursion Fraunhofer IFAM

RM@... Factories

September 20th 2017, the teacher Dr. Christian Ahrens and thirteen students from IGS Delmenhorsti involved in the development and testing of the RM@schools toolkit “Composites”, visited the Fraunhofer IFAM and worked in the laboratories and shops.
They performed experiments complementing their experiments at school.

RM Ambassador: Beate Brede

Excursion Recyclex

RM@... Factories

17 senior High School Pupils from the Gymnasium Ernestinum, Rinteln, Lower Saxony, accompanied by their Chemistry teacher Lisa Beermann, visited two enterprises: Electrocycling GmbH and Recylex, both in Goslar, Lower Saxony. The University offered two workshops about mechanical and chemical separations techniques, while during the visit to the factories the pupils received a detailed impression of the different process steps: manual dismantling, shredder, magnetic separator, eddy current separator and optical recognition systems (29th to 31th of May 2017).
RM Ambassador: Jochen Brinkmann

RM@... Museum & Mine

14-18 yrs students from different countries of PASCH-Courses took part in a Recycling Workshop in Clausthal-Zellerfeld (Germany) and visited the local Mining Museum Bergbaumuseum Deutschlands in Clausthal-Zellerfeld (August, 9 and 23, 2017). They comment about recycling of raw materials and compare with what occurs in their own countries. Video in German with subtitles in English.
RM Ambassador: Jochen Brinkmann

...@factory Tred Carpi

RM@... Factories

Students of Liceo Scientifico "N. Copernico" of Bologna (Italy) visited Tred Carpi srl (March 16, 2017).

Report       Web Album       Factory website

Classes: 3C and 3F, with some students from 3A, 3M, 4M e 4D.
Teachers: Manuela Visentin, Patrizia Zambonelli, Lucia Cantoni, and Giovanni Cristani
RM Ambassadors: Alberto Zanelli and Alessandra Degli Esposti

Students' considerations about the visit to the factory


Excursion Wetsus

RM@... Factories

During 2017 four company excursions were organized within RM@Schools 2.0 project with 120 students of 13-16 yrs from CSG Comenius and CSG Ulbe van Houten. They attended lectures from scientists about water technology and raw materials.
They experimented the toolkits: 'Metal recoverys' and 'Phosphate recovery'.
RM Ambassador: Jos van Dalfsen

Excursion Wetsus

RM@... Factories

Students of 13-16 yrs from CSG Comenius visited Wetterskip Fryslan - Waterboard factory.
Topic of excursion was Phosphate recovery and resource from Waste Water (6 June 2017).
RM Ambassador: Jos van Dalfsen

Excursion Wetsus

RM@... Factories

Students from CSG Ulbe van Houten visited (10th October) Paques BV, which helps industries to reduce water and carbon footprints and reclaim valuable resources. During the excursions students visited the production sight and learned more about anaerobic water purification systems and how they produce energy (biogas) from wastewater, whilst purifying the water and facilitating water reuse.
RM Ambassador: Jos van Dalfsen