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Final annual meeting 2017

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1st MEETING 2017 in Rome(IT): RM@Schools Ambassadors are invited to visit the Italian Parliament (Palazzo Montecitorio).

IdeenExpo 2017

Young RM@Schools Ambassadors at the IdeenExpo 17 in Hannover(DE) (IdeenExpo 17).

Clausthal 2017

2nd MEETING 2017 in Clausthal (DE): RM@Schools Ambassadors visit the Rammelsberg Museum (website) and mine, which is a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE.

WEE recycling workshop

"WEE recycling workshop" with 14-18 yrs old students and visit to the local Mining Museums - 9 and 23 August 2017, Bergbaumuseum Deutschlands in Clausthal-Zellerfeld (DE).

Research Night 2017 in Brusselles

European Researchers' Night: 26-27 September 2017, Parlamentarium, Brusselles.

Research Night 2017 in Bologna

European Researchers' Night: 29 September 2017, Liceo "L. Galvani", Bologna

Research Night 2017 in Budapest

European Researchers' Night: 29 Septempber 2017, Bay Zoltán Campus in Budapest and Bay Zoltán Campus at Szeged

Le Visiatome 2017 in Marcoule (FR)

Fête de la Science 2017 at the "Village des Sciences" - 9 - 15 October 2017 - Le Visiatome, Centre de Marcoule (FR)

Final Annual Meeting

Final Annual Meeting of RM@Schools 2.0 - 7 November 2017 - Area della Ricerca, Bologna (IT)

RMUniDay Madrid

RM@Schools Ambassadors at the RMUniDay - 16 November 2017, Madrid (ES).


RM@Schools at "Isola della sostenibilità"

30 Nov - 2 Dec 2017
EIT Raw Materials website
RM@Schools 2.0 participates to the event.
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Raw Materials University Day 2017

16 Nov 2017, Madrid (ES)

RM@Schools 2.0 participates to the event. pdf file

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7 Nov 2017, Bologna (IT)

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Festival della Scienza 2017

27 Oct 2017, Genova (IT)     - Website
"Making Science popular: Mission possible for Students!",
Armida presents the RM@Schools project.
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RM@Schools appears among the Success Stories
of the EIT - Raw Materials

24 Oct 2017.     - GOTO EIT-Raw Materials Success Stories

a success story
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Fête de la Science 2017

9-15 Oct 2017, Visiatome, Marcoule (FR) - Website
Photo album and link
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The 2017 edition of the science week was a success (2700 people!) and it was a pleasure to enlarge it with a new projet: the RM@Schools.


The European Researchers' Night 2017

  • 29 Sep 2017 - Bologna (IT) - European Researchers' Night
    Liceo Galvani - via Castiglione 38, Bologna - pdf
    Photo albums: the night and backstage
    Research Night 2017 in Bologna  Research Night 2017 in Bologna

  • 29 Sep 2017 - Budapest (HU) - European Researchers' Night
    Bay Zoltán Campus, Budapest, and Bay Zoltán Campus at Szeged
    Photo album
    Research Night 2017 in Budapest

  • 26 - 27 Sep 2017 - Bruxelles (BE) - Science is Wonder-ful!
    Parlamentarium, Brusselles
    Photo album
    Research Night 2017 in Brusselles

    Videos and interviews from the "Science is Wonder-ful" event on the site:

    General video   -   Award ceremony   -   Interviews


RM@Schools Ambassadors took part in a Recycling Workshop

9 and 23 Aug 2017 - Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Germany

14-18 yrs students of PASCH-Courses took part in a Recycling Workshop and visited the local Mining Museum, Bergbaumuseum Deutschlands in Clausthal-Zellerfeld.


2nd Workshop: Raw MatTERS Ambassadors @ Schools 2.0

28-29 Jun 2017 - Clausthal University of Technology (Germany)
Meeting at Rammelsberg minepdf
Photo album and link
Clausthal  image


Raw MatTERS Ambassadors @ Ideen Expo 17

16-18 Jun 2017 - Hannover (Germany)

Young RM@Schools Ambassadors performed at the Ideen Expo 17 exhibition!
Italian and German 16-17 years old students involved visitors in experiments to stimulate awareness on the usage of Raw Materials and related problems.

They spread the news:

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backstage  IdeenExpo 2017


RM@Schools at the GNE2017


19 May 2017 - Rome (Italy)

RM@Schools Ambassadors talk about the project at the "Giornalisti nell'erba" ("Journalists in the grass") exhibition.


RM@Schools at workshop organized by students of UNI Bicocca

6 apr 2017 - Milano (Italy)

RM@Schools Ambassadors make students aware of problems related to critical raw materials' scarsity "Do not through your your cell phone away" pdf.

Marica Canino  Milano Bicocca




10-12 Mar 2017, madrid (ES)

TeleMadrid talks about the exhibition and shows a video.
Advertized on newspapers:      Agencia EFE  -   El Confidencial  -  
ABC DIARIO  -   empresas  -   europa press  -   LA VANGURDIA  -  

1st Workshop: Raw MatTERS Ambassadors @ Schools 2.0

16-17 Feb 2017 - Rome (Italy) EIT RawMaterials Newsletter - February 2017
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eit newsletter feb 2017

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