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"VI European Conference" online (1-3/12/2021).
Unfortunately, due to the persistency of Covid emergency, also this year the European Conference was held all online.
The morning session (2/12/2021) was also introduced by Didier Zimmermann (Education & Innovation Director of EIT RawMaterials), who showed to students the opportunities offered by Raw Materials KIC to improve their competences for their future job. Marco Castellazzi (RAI-TV) presented the 18 groups of students and their work done within the RM@Schools project. During the afternoon sessions (1-3/12/2021) 27 webinars were organized by the partners.
Website | video
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"Let'make light: from Edison's bulb to OLEDs" webinar at 'Futuro Remoto", Città della Scienza, Naples (IT) (27/11/2021).
Starting from a common incandescent light bulb, we went through the fundamental steps that led to the development of increasingly efficient light sources. They are capable of emitting much more light and consuming less. This leads to the new generation of lamps: solid state lamps, LED (Light Emitting Diode) and OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode). Introducing the concept of critical raw material, it was explained why these materials are so important for sustainable development and why they are defined as critical by the European Community.
Website | CNR Event | CNR Cmmunication

RM Ambassador: Emilia Benvenuti
"Futuro Remoto" at Città della Scienza, Naples (IT) (24-25/11/2021).
RM Ambassadors played with students using the RM@Schools games:
'EcoCEO', which brings circular economy strategies and business models to the classroom and makes students familiar with raw material challenges, circular product design and sustainable entrepreneurship, and 'RockGame: the rock cycle", which proposes a full immersion in the world of minerals and rocks by combining the Rock Game board with the RockCheck app and the direct observation of samples.
Website | CNR Event | CNR Cmmunication
Preparing for the Exhibition (on Facebook)
Presentation | Photos | twit | twit (on Twitter)
RM Ambassadors: Renata Lapinska-Viola, Armida Torreggiani & Alberto Zanelli
"Introduction to Raw Materials and Circular Economy", TalTech Raw Materials Station, Tallin (EST) (19/11/2021).
Students from Paide Gümnaasium in Estonia successfully finished the course "Introduction to Raw Materials and Circular Economy" and guided by Carina Potagin, Aleks Strazdin, and Artur Panov at the TalTech Raw Materials Station, founded by the TalTech Department of Geology.
During their last day the students: played ecoCEO game, shared their learnings, and received their completion diploma. Congratulations to all the participants!
Website | on Facebook
RM Ambassador: Ana Falcón & Karin Käär
"School and communication of science" at Convegno Nazionale di Comunicazione della Scienza, Trieste (IT) (18/11/2021).
RM@Schools took part in the National Science Communication Conference at the International School of Advanced Studies (SISSA) in Trieste.
The European project "Raw Matters Ambassadors at Schools" was presented among other projects on science education. The aim of the conference is to favour the the exchange of ideas between researchers and professionals in science communication.
On Facebook: video | photos
RM Ambassador: Giovanna Sotgiu & Alberto Zanelli
"RAWsiko: hunting for raw materials!" at Video Game Lab - in presence, Rome (IT) (6/11/2021).
RM@Schools participated to the event by proposing the scientific board/digital game, to general public. The game allowed participants to compete on the global map of strategic raw materials in the world to control the deposits needed to build hi-tech devices. Participants experienced the complexity of sourcing raw materials needed for some everyday devices, which make the ecological transition to a low-carbon economy possible.
This activity was carried out with 23 participants.
RAWsiko (digital) | RAWsiko (tutorial)
Website | Facebook | Twitter
RM Ambassador: Lorenzo Forini & Alberto Zanelli
Rock game
"RockGame: the rock cycle" at Video Game Lab - in presence, Rome (IT) (5/11/2021).
RM@Schools participated to the event by proposing a scientific board game, to students. What do we know about rocks and minerals? How are they analyzed and distinguished? Due to their differences in composition, they have different properties, which reflect in their applications. A full immersion in the world of minerals and rocks was proposed by combining the Rock Game board with the RockCheck app and the direct observation of the samples.
This activity was carried out with 22 students and a public exhibition.
Website | Facebook | Twitter
video | Download the pictures zip-file
Backstage (testing the game): Twitter
RM Ambassador: Renata Lapinska-Viola, Armida Torregiani, Alberto Zanelli, Lorenzo Forini
"EcoCEO: a board game on circular economy" at Video Game Lab - in presence, Rome (IT) (5/11/2021).
Circular economy becomes a board educational game for young people with EcoCEO. In fact, by putting themself into the shoes of a company's CEO, they get involved into the circular economy issue and related businnes models. Besides, they get in touch with the problems related to raw materials and are pushed to find a way to design circular products and propose a sustainable entrepreneurship.
Website | EcoCEO website | Instagram
RM Ambassadors: Alberto Zanelli, Armida Torregiani, Renata Lapinka-Viola, Lorenzo Forini
Taltech workshop
Workshop at Taltech, Paide (EST) (4/11/2021)
What are raw materials?
Which raw materials are in our country's soil?
How are raw materials obtained, used, and re-used?
These questions were explored by Estonian students yesterday in a session guided by Carina Potagin and Aleks Strazdin from the TalTech Raw Materials Station.
Today the workshops continue with a class of students from the Estonian town of Paide. Facebook
RM Ambassador: Ana Falcón, Karin Käär
Festival della Scienza Genova 2021
"Science Festival"- Genoa (IT) (21/10/-1/11/2021).
RM@Schools participated to this year's edition of Festival della Scienza in Genoa with the serious game on critical raw materials "RAWsiko" and by supporting the "BetterGeo Hunt" lab of our partner project BetterGeo.
website | RAWsiko
On twitter: 1 | 2
RM Ambassador: Lorenzo Forini, Alberto Zanelli, Renata Lapinska-Viola & Armida Torreggiani
SUMEX project meeting
The EU SUMEX project meeting - online (29/09/2021).
The project aims to establish a sustainability framework for the extractive industry in Europe, with the involvement of stakeholders from civil society, academia, industry and government backgrounds from all across the EU.
Discussion Topic: How do you build and mantain a community of practitioners? What motivates people to participate in E-Learning and how you distil the information needed? What do you see as the gaps in E-Learning that SUMEX could or should fullfil?
EU SUMEX project:
website | Facebook
RM Ambassador: Armida Torreggiani
Train the Trainer workshop at Wetsus
"Train the Tainers" workshop at Wetsus, Leeuwarden (NL) (24/09/2021).
Train-the-trainers workshop, by Wetsus and Young Wetsus in the Netherlands! The teachers learned about the RM@Schools learning pathway and got to experience their childhood curiosity again.
RM Ambassador: Marlieke Sietsema
European researcher's night Bologna
European Researcher's Night in Bologna (IT) (24/09/2021).
Researchers play an important role in building a new vision of the future, but a true rebirth is only possible when the whole of society is involved in change.
RM@Schools actively participated to the event proposing to citizens live and online activities: "Metal in action" live experiments by A. Torreggiani and R. Lapinska-Viola, "Evolution of Lighting and Lamps" webinar by E. Benvenuti & "RAWsiko" gaming activity by L. Forini & A. Zanelli
website of the event
Download the pictures: zip-file
RM Ambassador: Emilia Benvenuti, Lorenzo Forini, Alberto Zanelli, Renata Lapinska-Viola, Laura Favaretto, Armida Torreggiani
GeoZS event
European Researchers' Night - Open Doors Day at Geological Survay of Slovenia, online (SLO) (24/09/2021).
GeoZS organized an Open Day as part of the Researchers'Night 2021. At GeoZS took place geological workshops for students and various lectures for the general public. For the geological workshops, students from Kolezija Primary and Koseze Primary Schools first received an interactive online lecture about geology: why it is important and how it affects our lives (groundwater, place to live, raw materials...). Mentimeter was used to let students to tell also their thoughts, e.g. how could they imagine their lives without. After the lesson, students went to the centre of Ljubljana trying to identify the rocks they saw in the buildings using the RockCheck application.
RM Ambassador: Nina Valand & Rok Brajković
EU RN Taltech
European Researchers' Night at Taltech, Tallin (ES) (20-24/09/2021)
As part of Researcher’s night festival, TalTech Geoloogia Instituut organized the workshop "Maapõu Minecraftis ." In the workshop we presented to the children what raw materials are and why we need them. We showed them the @BetterGeoEdu mode and all the new features this mode offers. The kids solved the "Minerals and Rocks" using rock boxes and also learned what we need to build computer with the "From rocks to computer" exercise. The workshop went very well and the kids were impressed with the BetterGeo mode and all the new features it adds to the game. Also the parents were positively surprised by the learning materials and mode in general. Facebook
RM Ambassador: Ana Falcón, Karin Käär
GeoZS event
GeoZS contributed to the Idrija Geology Day (SLO) (23/09/2021).
In the Idrija Geopark (Idrija Unesco Global Geopark), GeoZS organized workshops entitled Geology Day for almost 200 seventh graders from Idrija, Spodnja Idrija, Črni Vrh nad Idrijo and Cerkno Primary Schools students. They learned about the meaning and use of geology in everyday life on the basis of a selected object (car, water bottle, concrete, pencil, powder ...). Solving the puzzle about the selected object led them through practical tasks at seven thematic stations: Observe and Investigate (Minerals), KamenCheck (Rocks), All Living Things (Fossils), Good Water (Water Properties), Separate, Recycle (Environmental Protection), Find Yourself (Geological Maps) and Do not Pack (Aquifer Model).
The workshops were part of the activities of the project "The night has its might" (European Researchers Night 2021).
RM Ambassador: Nina Valand & Rok Brajković
GeoZS event
Zemlja Pleše - Interaktivni Geoznanstveni Koncert, GeoZS youtube channel from Ljubjana castle (SLO)(20/09/2021).
Geoscientists united in the musical group Geobanda gave an interactive online concert titled ''Zemlja pleše'' (Eng. ''Earth Dances'') at Ljubljana Castle. During the concert, GeoZS researchers prepared short interactive presentations on how they see the importance of science for society. They touched on active tectonics in Slovenia, climate change, the use of raw materials in modern society, geological hazards and groundwater pollution and its impact on the quality of bathing waters in Slovenia. The RM@Schools 4.0 project was involved with a presentation on the use of raw materials in modern society - using lithium as an example.
video on GeoZS youtube channel
RM Ambassador: Nina Valand & Rok Brajković
RM@Schools 4.0Consortium Meeting
RM@Schools 4.0 Consortium Meeting - Bologna IT (15-16/09/2021).
Finally in presence! Agenda

on RM@Schools Facebook:
The starting point
Presentations and Toolkits
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RM@Schools 4.0Consortium Meeting
download the zip-file of the pictures
GeoZS event
Geological workshops at Terme Čatež (SLO) (7 &14/09/2021).
GeoZS helped to organize geological workshops in Terme Čatež for primary school Stična and affiliated schools, as part of the European Researchers' night. In Terme Čatež, children are in school in nature, where they learn to swim and also some natural sciences. During the workshop, the students learned why the thermal baths of Čatež are located in this area, where the thermal water comes from or how it is created and why it has medicinal properties. In the context of thermal water, the RockCheck application and toolkit was also used to investigate minerals and rocks that are naturally integral to the formation of thermal water.
RM Ambassador: Nina Valand & Rok Brajković
GeoZS event
International Symposium at 200th anniversary of the birth of Blasius Kozenn and 10th Kocen's Saturday, Ljubkjana - Ponikva - Šentjur (SLO) (11/09/2021).
Blaž Kocen was an eminent Slovenian cartographer and geography teacher. The symposium was primarily dedicated for teachers and professors of geography but, since geology is strongly conected with the geography, GeoZS also contributed to the syposium with an article: «Teaching about Raw Materials for the Sustainable Society of the Future». The article focuses on teaching through the methodology of the RM@Schools project learning pathway and covers topics such as: why it is necessary to teach about raw materials, what the issues are, and what the future holds. Through the paper we also informed the participants about the learning materials that have already been produced as part of the project. The paper was also presented at the syposium as a lecture.
RM Ambassador: Nina Valand & Rok Brajković
Learning Circular Economy by Hands-on Experiments: A Case-Study on Phosphorus Recovering from Wastewater at School
"Learning Circular Economy by Hands-on Experiments: A Case-Study on Phosphorus Recovering from Wastewater at School" - The Future of Education 11th Edition, Florence IT (1-2/07/2021).
The objective of the Conference is to promote transnational cooperation and share good practice in the field of education. It is also an excellent opportunity for the presentation of previous and current education projects and initiatives.
Website of the event | Promo videoclip | Program
"Learning Circular Economy by Hands-on Experiments: A Case-Study on Phosphorus Recovering from Wastewater at School":
Abstract | Online presentation |
Conference Proceedings
RM Ambassadors: Ornella Francioso, Alberto Zanelli, Mauro Murgia, Lorenzo Forini, Armida Torreggiani.
Integrating Circular Economy Concepts in School Programmes
"Integrating Circular Economy Concepts in School Programmes" - The Future of Education 11th Edition, Florence IT (1-2/07/2021).
The objective of the Conference is to promote transnational cooperation and share good practice in the field of education. It is also an excellent opportunity for the presentation of previous and current education projects and initiatives.
Website of the event | Promo videoclip | Program
"Integrating Circular Economy Concepts in School Programmes":
Abstract | Online presentation |
Conference Proceedings
RM Ambassadors: Armida Torreggiani, Alberto Zanelli, Ornella Francioso, Lorenzo Forini, Alessandra Degli Esposti, Renata Lapinska-Viola & Emilia Benvenuti
Meeting RM@Schools
RM@Schools 4.0 online Consortium Meeting - National Research Council of Italy (CNR), Bologna IT(24/06/2021).
Virtual meeting organized by Istituto per la Sintesi Organica e la Fotoreattività (CNR-ISOF) Bologna (IT).

GeoZS event
Science Day - Why Geology? at the Elementary School Kotlje (SLO)(21/06/2021).
The Elementary School Kotlje hosted a science day for third and fourth graders. Due to the current epidemiological situation, the work was somewhat adapted and organized in nature. They learned about different minerals and rocks, how to determine rocks using the RockCheck application, and how different properties of rocks affect groundwater. They also determined the physicochemical properties of water through experiments and observed water flow according to the physical model of the aquifer. Special attention was paid to the mineral water Kotlje - Rimski vrelec, which rises at the end of the village and was well known to the children. We found out where this water comes from, why and how it is like, and how we can protect it in the future.
RM Ambassador: Nina Valand & Rok Brajković
Mineral Show
51st Edition of Bologna Mineral Show - Fair of Bologna IT (18-20/06/2021).
Young RM Ambassadors participated to the Mineral Show within the area dedicated to Raw Materials. The proposed activities were organized within a joint action between the 2 EU projects BettergeoEdu 2.0 and RM@Schools. Nine students coming from High Schools in Bologna (Liceo Copernico & Liceo Galvani), acted as tutors for young visitors by using BetterGeo a modified version of the famous video game "Minecraft" containing more geological information.
With the extraordinary participation of Tino, a baby T-Rex!
Web album 1 | Web album 2 | twit 1 | twit 2
CNR Events: English | Italian | on DTA
RM Ambassadors: Luca Giorgio Bellucci, Renata Lapinska-Viola & Armida Torreggiani
GeoZS workshop for teachers
Interactive teaching and learning about minerals and rocks in the classroom and nature - University of Ljubljana SLO (18-19/06/2021).
The RM Ambassador Rok Brajkovič, from Geological Survey of Slovenia, collaborated with the Department for Geology, Faculty of Natural Science and Engineering, University of Ljubljana on the teaching and learning about the minerals and rocks. The event was an official training - Continuing Professional Development for teachers of elementary and secondary schools, under the auspices of Ministry of education, science, and sport. The focus of his presentation was on RM@Schools project, our learning pathway and common view on the issues in society connected to raw materials.
Web album
RM Ambassadors: Rok Brajković
Cultural Collision Banja Luka
Cultural Collisions Bosnia & Herzegovina - Student Theater Banja Luka (18/06/2021).
A hybrid vernissage at the Student Theatre of Bnja Luka open online with zoom to a wider public. During the show each student had to choose one planet to represent, while planet earth was standing out to evidence its diversity among the others due to the presence of a large variety of raw materials.
The performance has shown that there was life on the earth thanks to raw materials, but the alegoria of the show was to rise the question about what will happen if one day all resources dissapear. What if?" scenario where some Day we will run out of RMs on Earth and maybe we would need to go to Space for resources.
Program | Web album
RM Ambassadors: Suzana Gotovac Atlagić
Meeting RM@Schools-ESEE
RM@Schools ESEE 2nd Progress meeting agenda 09:00-12:00 CET (16/06/2021).
Virtual meeting organized by the Resources Innovation Center Leoben (AU).

Meeting RM@Schools-ESEE
Augmented reality meets RM - MS Hausmannstätten AU (11/06/2021).
Despite the regulations around the European pandemic and school visits, under strict protocols, we were given special admittance to a primary school close to Graz in Austria to demonstrate our RM@Schools toolkit named, ‘Augmented Reality meets RM’ to a total of 7 classes for 142 pupils aged 13-15 and their teachers. The toolkit is an introductory lesson on the topic of Raw Materials, Mining and the Circular Economy, with a special age group focus on recycling.
website of the event | Pictures
RM Ambassadors: SelinaFlechsenhar & Mariaelena Murphy
Debate Sobrero
Debate our Future: waste treatment and recycling at IS Ascanio Sobrero, Casale Monferrato IT (8/06/2021).
Debate is a discussion about an issue, which involves two sides: one supporting a resolution and one opposing it. 80 students divided in groups were involved in the competition guided by teachers (pdf), who evaluated their ability in the discussion. Final Event organized at the High School IS_"Ascanio Sobrero" in Casale Monferrato. The event was also supported by "Gualapack" company & "Cultura e sviluppo".
Flyer | Program | web album
CNR News (EN) | (IT)
on twitter: twit1| twit2
RM Ambassadors: Armida Torreggiani & Alessandra Degli Esposti
WEEE collection at school, Bologna IT (31/05-1-3/06/2021).
In occasion of the European Green week, 24 students managed to involve another 1,500 in good practices for the collection and recycling of waste from electrical and electronic equipment, the so-called WEEE. An experimental project promoted by CNR researchers has transformed students of Liceo "Enrico Fermi" into ambassadors of the ecological transition, with the collaboration of the Hera Group, Erion, and Treee Srl.
Program | web album
Press release:    Read More
RM Ambassadors: Eleonora Polo, Alberto Zanelli, Antonella Castellano & Lorenzo Forini
GeoZS Science Day
Science Day: why geology? at primary school Železniki (2/06/2021).
Due to the current epidemiological situation, the work was somewhat adjusted, so 80 students from 4 classes of a primary school took turns participating in 4 different workshops organized in nature on the nature trail around their school. They learn about minerals and how to describe them and more about rocks. The students used the toolkits "Modern devices - yes please! What about mining?", "Be smart about smartphone" and "Social acceptance of mining".
Pictures: 1 | 2 | 3
RM Ambassadors: Nina Valand & Rok Brajković
Train the trainer recruiment workshop, University Banja Luka (BA) (29/05/2021).
The first workshop with the teachers from targeted schools was held in the form of "Train the trainer" recruitment. Teachers were introduced to the RM@Schools 4.0 goals and the previous project history and their potential contribution in disseminating the importance of raw materials subject to young pupils. All teachers accepted to participate to the project and will officially enter in action after having obtained the permission from the Bosnian Ministry of education.
Pictures: 1 | 2 | 3
RM Ambassadors: Suzana Gotovac Atlagić
Forge your Future with Raw Materials - Raw Materials University Days, University of Milano-Bicocca (IT) (27/05/2021).
The event is addressed to bachelor’s and master’s degree students with the aim of dissemination of the economic, social and scientific importance of raw materials for different applications. During the event, participants will be accompanied to the knowledge of raw materials, from the extraction to the everyday uses and their recycle. The main purpose of the event is the promulgation of educational pathways and carrier opportunities in this sector.
Announcement | Leaflet
RM Ambassadors: Antonella Castellano & Simona Binetti
Chemistry: green, sustainable and safe! Florence, IT (12/05/2021).
webinar on INDIRE (National Institute for Documentation, Innovation, Educational Research).
Green chemistry means the invention, design and use of chemical products and processes able to reduce or eliminate the use and production of dangerous substances. Twelve basic principles help us understand this new "vision" of chemistry.
Presentation ( pdf).
RM Ambassadors: Gianna Reginato & Andrea Ienco
"The economy in circle. Enterprises that choose to become sustainable", ABClive platform (IT) (5/05/2021).
AIRCNC is an innovative startup born from the need of finding high quality workings even of small batches at an adequate price. The starting idea was that in today's world every resource makes more sense only if shared. AIRCNC created a web to make available the unused hours of machine tools and production resources of subcontractors and manufacturers in particular in small and medium size factories. It is a way of seeing a fluid economy, in which everything in which we invest can give the maximum return and the minimum waste.
On Facebook: Aircnc Srl | abc live
RM Ambassadors: Eleonora Polo
CRMs4Hospitals awards ceremony, UPM Madrid, ES (28/04/2021).
The School of mining and energy engineering of the Universidad Politècnica de Madrid (UPM) organized a award ceromony for the winner of the competition CRMs4Hospitals, lanched by UPM last year: "Students, enrolled in a Spanish educational institution in the school year 2020/2021, are invited to participate to the contest by presenting a poster on Critical Raw Materials (CRM) for Hospitals.
Presentation poster | Competition Rules
| Web album | event on UPM website
RM Ambassadors: Miguel Izquierdo Diaz, David Bolonio Martin & Liliana Medic Pejic
Wetsus Girls_Day_2021
Girls Day organized by Wetsus Together with CSG Liudger (High School), CEW, Watercampus Leeuwarden (NL)(15/04/2021).
Each year the Girlsday is organized by the partners of the Watercampus and VHTO. CSG Liudger selected a group of interested girls who visited the online event of Wetsus and CEW (Watercampus). The goal is to encourage girls to follow a career in STEM and to show how interesting watertechnology is. During the event the girls did an experiment, learned about water-related problems and had speeddates with female researchers.
RM Ambassadors: Marielke Sietsema
GeoZS workshop
Science Day - Society of the future - Elementary School Ferda Vesela Stična (SLO)(25/03/2021).
Due to the current epidemiological situation, the work was slightly adjusted and students from each department spent the entire day in their home classrooms. First, they were introduced to geology and its applicability to everyday life, and the importance and role of raw materials in society was explained. This was followed by various workshops. We tested the new toolkit "Be smart about smartphone", where students explore the raw materials in their smartphone.
web album
RM Ambassadors: Nina Valand and Rok Brajković
RM@Schools 4.0 Kick-off meeting online
RM@Schools 4.0 Kick-off meeting (30/03/2021).
Agenda | CNR event
RM@Schools-SEE-meeting online
RM@Schools - ESEE progress meeting (23/03/2021).
Science festival - Verona (Italy)
Science Festival - Verona, IT (12-21/03/2021) - virtual.
In a rapidly evolving socio-economic context, tackling frontier issues is essential to develop teaching aimed at preparing students for the challenges of tomorrow. The "good practices" of the RM@Schools European project were analyzed: "Research and School: from communication to involvement for the society of the future".
Website of the event | video on youtube| CNR event.
RM Ambassadors: Armida Torreggiani
Recycling day in Miskolc
On-line recycling day: "How aliminium cans are reborn" (18/03/2021).
The theme revolved around the importance of selective collection and recycling. On the part of the University of Miskolc an interesting lecture to look into the life of a sorting work was given. Besides, the modern and unique plant of HELL Hungary Kft., where the aluminum boxes are reborn was shown.
on facebook
RM Ambassadors:
New Perspectives in Science and Education 2021
New Perspectives in Science Education - Firenze, IT (18-19/03/2021) - virtual.
"RAWsiko – Materials around us: A Digital Serious Game to Teach about Raw Materials’ Importance for the Transition towards a Low- Carbon Economy" (Armida Torreggiani)
Website of the event | online presentations | Conference Proceedings
RM Ambassadors: Armida Torreggiani, Alberto Zanelli, Maria Concetta Canino, Alessandra Degli Esposti, Emilia Benvenuti, Renata Lapinska-Viola, Lorenzo Forini & Maurizio Turinetto
New Perspectives in Science and Education 2021
New Perspectives in Science Education - Firenze, IT (18-19/03/2021) - virtual.
“Don’t Throw Away your Mobile!”: pupils’ perception of Raw Materials in Electronics through citizen education" (Mariaconcetta Canino)
Website of the event | online presentations | Conference Proceedings
RM Ambassadors: Mariaconcetta Canino, Armida Torreggiani, Alessandra Degli Esposti, Mirko Seri & Alberto Zanelli
TMS 2021
TMS2021 Virtual, Pittsburg, USA (15-18/03/2021)
Armida invited presentation: "How to Prepare Future Generations for the Challenges in the Raw Materials Sector"
Website of the event | video on youtube | Proceedings | on twitter
RM Ambassadors: Armida Torreggiani, Alberto Zanelli, Alessandra Degli Esposti, Eleonora Polo, Paolo Dambruoso, Renata Lapiska-Viola, Kerstin Forsberg, Emilia Benvenuti
abc live
"Oil or metals, which will run out first?" on abclive (12/3/2021)
abclive, the pleasure of learning" is a web platform, which mission is to share the joy of learning, the desire to know, the passion for researchi on the web.
The lessons are intended for everyone, from 4 to 100 years old, and live, because they believe in the relationship between people, in meeting as a moment of individual and social growth.
RM Ambassador: Eleonora Polo
Tavola periodica ICCOM
Periodic Table: 150 years old but it does not show them!(5/3/2021)
The periodic table was defined more than 150 years ago by Mendeleev, who organized the elements according to their properties. Two presentations were delivered followed by an interactive quiz using the Kahoot! Platform.
The activity was hosted by the ITT "S. Fedi - E. Fermi" - Pistoia using the google meet platform and reported on its facebook.
RM Ambassador: Gianna Reginato & Andrea Ienco
Euromines Communication Committee Online meeting (24/02/2021)
The RM@Schools project was presented during the online meeting of the Euromines Communication Committee as a success story, published on Euromines website. Followed on Facebook by 397 people. Euromines is a proud partner of RM@Schools project that has been selected by the Social Lab 16 working group of the NewHoRRIzon Project as the examples of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) Projects inside the EIT program focused in Ethic dimension.
RM Ambassador: Veronika Sochorova
euromines website
Creating a project website for RM@School project on Euromines Website - January 2021
Euromines promotes RM@Schools project on Euromines homepage advertising its activities in a dedicated webpage.
In 2021 Euromines is one of the new consortium partners in this project.
RM Ambassador: Veronika Sochorova
success stories 2021
EIT European Intitute of Innovation & Technology - Responsible Research and Innovation
The EIT - European Institute of Innovation & Technology includes the RM@Schools project among its 8 success stories of Responsible Research and Innovation

RM@Schools youtube channel  Videos

VI European Conference online (1-3/12/2021).
RM@Schools 2021 - Rome Video Game Lab RM Ambassadors from CNR of Bologna presented three RM@Schools serious games (RockGame, EcoCEO and RAWsiko) at the Rome Video Game Lab 2021 event, Cinecittà, Rome (IT) (4-7/11/2021).
"Integrating Circular Economy Concepts in School Programmes" - The Future of Education 11th Edition Virtual, Florence IT (1-2/07/2021).
"Learning Circular Economy by Hands-on Experiments: A Case-Study on Phosphorus Recovering from Wastewater at School" - The Future of Education 11th Edition Virtual, Florence IT (1-2/07/2021).
"WEEE collection at school" on newscast of èTV - Bologna, IT ( (31/05-1-3/06/2021).
online presentation Armida Torreggiani, New Perspectives in Science Education - Firenze, IT (18-19/03/2021) - virtual.
online presentation Marica Canino, New Perspectives in Science Education - Firenze, IT (18-19/03/2021) - virtual.
video on youtube TMS2021 Virtual, Pittsburg, USA (15-18/03/2021)

Web Album

51stMineral Show - Staging - Fair of Bologna IT - (18-20/06/2021).
51stMineral Show - Young RM Ambassadors in action - Fair of Bologna IT (18-20/06/2021).
Train the trainers - Department for geology, Faculty of Natural science and Engineering, University of Ljubljana SLO (18-19/06/2021).
Cultural Collisions Bosnia & Herzegovina, Student Theater Banja Luka BiH (18/06/2021)
(zip-file of the pictures) - RM@Schools 4.0 Consortium Meeting - Bologna IT (15-16/09/2021).
Debate our Future: waste treatment and recycling - IS Ascanio Sobrero, Casale Monferrato IT (8/06/2021).
CRM4Hospitals - Awards ceremony, UPM Madrid ES (28/04/2021).
WEEE collection at school,, Liceo Scientifico "Enrico Fermi", Bologna IT (31/05-1-3/06/2021).
Science Day - Society of the future - Elementary School Ferda Vesela Stična SLO (25/03/2021).