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Who we are

The RM@Schools + RM@Schools-ESEE consortium comprises 30 Scientific Organization from 20 European Countries with complementary expertise in the field of Raw Matters and education. The consortium will activate cooperative processes between the three sides of the knowledge triangle: research, education, and business.

What we do

RM@Schools consortium will propose Educational Raw Material hands-on toolkits (experimental) and dissemination tools to be used during schools visits and actively involve the students. The toolkits focus on scientific and technological Raw Meterial issues and are designed for students from 10 to 19 years old.

Why us?

The members of the RM@Schools + RM@Schools-ESEE consortium have already carried out educational projects on science and technology in their own countries with students in the age of 10 to 19. A network of research institutes, museums and/or companies will cooperate to create successful activities for secondary schools.

European Consortium Austria Belgium Bosnia-Herzegovina Croazia Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Ireland Italy Latvia Netherlands Poland Portugal Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland

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The RM@Schools Consortium

The Raw Matters Ambassadors at Schools (RM@Schools) consortium wants to elaborate a strategic planning of dissemination capacity and methodology to improve the image of science & technology in schools for students of 10-19 yrs explaining the value of raw materials while promoting new professional careers in this sector. The best practice examples will be used for two educational approaches, one targeting school students in the age of 10 to 13 yrs, the other one for 14-19 yrs students. An active learning will be proposed to schools by involving students in experiments with RM-related hands-on educational kits. 14-19 yrs students will be also involved in the dissemination of science by using both their native and the English language to became RM Ambassadors themselves (peer to peer education).
The Consortium started in 2016 with 6 partners from Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Spain, and Hungary, and became 8 in 2017: one more from Germany and another from Austria. In 2017 the project runs under the umbrella of the Raw Materials Academy.
In 2018 RM@Schools 3.0 became the Flagship project in the Wider Society Learning segment of the EIT Raw Materials and the Consortium welcomed more partners from Italy, Germany, France, Portugal, Estonia, Sweden, Slovenia and Finland. Moreover, RM@Schools started also in some Eastern European countries: Poland, Greece, Slovakia, Croazia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Switzerland and 9 more partners from RM@Schools-ESEE contributed to widen the consortium.

The RM@Schools 4.0 Consortium

In 2021 RM@Schools 4.0 starts including 20 European countries with RM@Schools-ESEE.

The RM@Schools Connections

RM@Schools established connections with other European projects, which take advantage of the educational method developed within the consortium.