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Nowadays green technologies have become very popular thanks to the production of wind and solar energy ,of  energy-saving lighting systems and hybrid cars. The great results we have achieved, however, pose numerous problems concerning the disposal and availability of raw materials to create our own devices, whatever they are. Researchers and industries in Europe and elsewhere are working to find solutions in order to ensure the development of low carbon energy technologies. 

Specifically, we will analyze the critical materials contained in hybrid cars: in these vehicles rare materials are mainly located in the batteries that power them.


Inside the battery cells there are some critical materials which depend on the type of the battery used. Some of the most used are:

•    cobalt

•    nickel

•    manganese

•    lithium.

At present the preferred material for Li-ion batteries is LiCoO2. Since Cobalt is considered critical, alternative solutions are represented by LiNIO2 and LiMn2O4. Together with the substitution of Co, Li recycling is mandatory to meet the increasing needs of portable Li-ion batteries.

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