14-19 yrs

Here you find information on the topic of fiber composites and answers to the question to what extent this material can contribute to sustainable industrial production. "Kitchen - fiber composite" can be produced and tested according to instructions. This course includes a project task that can be worked on by teams of students - taking into account the basic principles of project management, which are explained in explanatory videos and materials for teachers and students. Student teams can receive a certificate if they complete the project task!

14-19 yrs

Silicon is probably the most famous semiconductor. It is mainly used for computing and its technology has been perfected for decades. However, other semiconductors are going to enter our lives since in some cases they can outperform silicon for some applications. (download pdf)

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Students can learn about alternative semiconducting materials to convert light into electricity and  handle no dangerous and/or toxic compounds/components to easily fabricate a working solar cell. (download pdf)

Gli studenti acquisiranno conoscenze sui materiali semiconduttori che convertono la luce in elettricità utilizzando sostanze non pericolose o tossiche per costruire facilmente una cella solare efficace. (scarica pdf

10-19 yrs

In this toolkit there are three envelops with three different activities to explore the Lab-on-Paper technology.  These activities aim to help the students explore the properties and wide variety of applications of paper and learn about hydrophobic and hydrophilic materials. (download pdf)

14-19 yrs

This "toolkit" introduces school pupils to the fascinating world of fiber reinforced plastics. Special attention is put on the advantageous properties of these materials and also the hurdles that still have to be overcome to fully recycle fiber reinforced plastics. In addition, school pupils will get an insight into biobased matrix materials which open up a host of research opportunities and have the potential to party solve the recycling problem.

German bottonDas vorliegende „Toolkit“ soll die spannende Welt der Faserverbundwerkstoffe für Schülerinnen und Schüler erlebbar gemacht werden. Hierbei soll besonderes Augenmerk einerseits auf die Leistungsfähigkeit dieser Werkstoffe, andererseits aber auch auf die bislang noch nicht hinreichend geklärten Schwierigkeiten bei Fragen des Recyclings von FVK gelegt werden. Gleichzeitig soll den Schülerinnen und Schülern ein Ausblick auf die Möglichkeiten von biobasierten Matrixwerkstoffen ermöglicht werden, die eine Teillösung des Recyclingproblems und vielfältige Forschungsfelder eröffnen.

14-19 yrs

Substitution of critical RMs in PV such as Gallium and Indium in solar cells, by using Organic Materials. Use of graphene to substitute ITO used as transparent conductive electrode in flat displays and in solar cells (download pdf).