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This teaching material is based on the work of college students from the Babits Mihály Gimnázium, Pécs, Hungary. The aim of the work was to examine the durability properties of an eco-friendly construction material, the loam adding different additives to the raw clay-rich material. 

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The aim of the lesson is to introduce students to the problem of obtaining social acceptance in mining activities.  (download pdf)

Perlite is a multiply applicable environmentally friendly raw material. Since environmental protection is highly important the application of perlite is much more preferred than artificial material with similar characteristics. (download pdf)


A projekt célja a perlit, mint nyersanyag tulajdonságainak, feldolgozásának, alkalmazási területeinek megismerése és a nyersanyag felhasználásának népszerűsítése. (download pdf)

Students compete against each other in a board game. The themes are basic geological concepts, characteristics of rocks, their different uses and identification of rocks with an app called RockCheck. (download pdf)

A serious game that connects two already formed toolkits  (MinerlCheck and RockCheck) and summarises the knowledge gained through  the gamification.  Students can determine names of basic rocks, by observation and experiments with a game. (download pdf)

10-19 year old students    New format

Students can determine names of basic rocks, by observation and experiments only and help of application RockCheck.  (download pdf)

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    With 	mineral recognition key MineralCheck, students will be able to 	determine the name of most common minerals. Follow the instructions 	and experiments in MineralCheck, which will take you step by step to 	the correct answer. In doing so, use teaching aids to help you 	decide on the answer. (download pdf ) 

    Summary in SlovenianS ključem za prepoznavanje tipičnih mineralov MineralCheck, lahko učenci prepoznavajo najpogostejše minerale v šolski geološki zbirki. S sledenjem navodilom in poizkusom v učnem kompletu MineralCheck, bodo korak za korakom prišli bliže končnemu odgovoru in določili ime minerala. Pri opisovanju lastnosti minerala priporočamo uporabo učnih pripomočkov za laže odločanje. Ko učenec določi ime opazovanega minerala, spozna tudi uporabno vrednost minerala v sodobni družbi.(prenesi pdf )

14-19 yrs

A simple card game, which can be used in a group of students, to show them the main uses of several critical raw materials. Groups of 3 to 5 students can be made, and they have to guess the uses of each one of the raw materials present in the cards. The group that completes all the uses of more raw materials win. (download pdf)

 Sastoji se u društvenoj igri u kojoj dva ili više timova učenika moraju pogoditi upotrebu svake od sirovina prikazanih na karticama, kako bi se kompletirali "Listići za primjenu" (slično igri bingo).   (download pdf).

This toolkit is designed to demonstrate some of the basic concepts of usage of ores and minerals in making colors and ultimately using those colors to make a painting. (download pdf)

ItalianQuesto toolkit è progettato per illustrare alcuni dei concetti di base nell'uso di minerali nella creazione dei colori oltre al  loro uso per realizzare un dipinto. (scarica il pdf)

Deutsch Dieses Toolkit soll einige der grundlegenden Konzepte für die Verwendung von Mineralien bei der Erstellung von Farben sowie für die Erstellung von Gemälden veranschaulichen. (PDF Herunterladen)

target audience: 10-19 years old students. target audience: 10-19 years old students.

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This game wants to raise awareness about a problem that is still underestimated: in a near future the supply of several metals or minerals, which belong to the non-renewable resources of our planet together with non-metallic minerals, coal, oil, and natural gas, will be at risk.  (download pdf )