bottone 10-13 yrs

Discovering Minerals and Rocks: a filled cupcake shows us how a reservoir looks like. (download pdf).

bottone 10-13 yrs

Three slices of different types of bread, such as white bread, brown bread, bread with cereals with jam and cream cheese, can be used to illustrate geological phenomena (download pdf).

bottone 10-19 yrs

The "Tool kit PLANT4RM" aims to show to students the technique of phytoremediation and phytomining of heavy metals rich soils by using plants which hyperaccumulate these metals in above-ground organs.  (download pdf)

bottone rosso

Experimentation of the metallurgical processes used to produce copper in the industry. 

Three experiences (download pdf) :

  • Leaching of copper oxides in sulfuric acid.
  • Electrolysis of copper or cementation of copper.
  • Flotation of chalcopyrite.

bottone 10-13 yrs
Manipulation of samples of rocks, ores, minerals and pure metal and experiment on density based on the Archimedes' principle (download pdf).