Age 5 and over  

EnglishIn this toolkit there are presented different raw materials used to produce glass. It is very comprehensive, and the activities can be carried out by participants from 5 to 18 years old. (download pdf)

PortugueseNeste toolkit são apresentadas as diferentes matérias-primas utilizadas na produção de vidro. E' muito abrangente e as atividades podem ser realizadas por participantes a partir dos 5 anos. (baixar pdf)

The RMAq includes questions of increasing difficulty concerning the origins of minerals, the ways of identifying minerals, the everyday products made by raw materials, divided into three (3) stages. (download pdf)

The main aim of the game is to point out the importance of raw materials in our daily lives. Within the game students are reading educational texts accompanying particular tasks. (download pdf)


AIM: To make PLAYERS aware of the problem of CRITICAL RAW MATERIALS, ELECTRONIC WASTES REVALORIZATION, URBAN MININING & CIRCULAR ECONOMY, by  learning information about main chemical elements, mainly critical, present in the most common electronic devices, through a funny, challenging and engaging way: a revisiting of the classic treasure hunt (download pdf).