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Our wastewater’ has become a source of nutrients and energy towards closing the loop for a circular economy. Amongst all the nutrients present in wastewater, nitrogen plays a vital role in plant growth. (download pdf)

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In this experiment, waste paper will be used as raw material for the production of ethanol. Paper will be pre-treated (chopped and mixed with water), digested with a safe commercial enzyme and fermented with regular grocery store yeast. Ethanol generated by these two reactions will be then monitored through the use of either an ethanol sensor or a dye that, reacting selectively with alcohol, will change colour revealing its presence. (download pdf)

In questo esperimento, la carta da riciclare sarà utilizzata come materia prima per la produzione di etanolo. La carta sarà pre-trattata (tritata e mescolata con acqua), digerita con un enzima commerciale sicuro e fermentata con semplice lievito alimentare. L'etanolo generato da queste due reazioni sarà poi monitorato attraverso l'uso di un sensore di etanolo o di un colorante che, reagendo selettivamente con l'alcol, cambierà colore rivelando la sua presenza. (scarica pdf)

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ecoCEO™ brings circular economy strategies and business models to the classroom and makes students familiar with raw material challenges, circular product design and sustainable entrepreneurship! 

Play, learn, and have plenty of fun!

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Toolkit raises awareness about the importance of raw materials and the impact of the circular economy on our life. Exercises and challenges in PDF presentation develop a better understanding of raw materials use, opportunities for mining in Europe and show students the impact of circular economy strategies on the performance of a company. (download pdf)

Učno orodje poviša zavedanje o pomenu surovin in vplivu krožnega gospodarstva na naše življenje. (prenesi pdf)

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The laboratory activity is planned in one part as theoretical training under the guidance of the teacher and in another as practice where students become the main protagonists of all phases of the work (from design to evaluation). The aim of the laboratory activity is to produce the synthetic urine, from which the struvite (rich of phosphorous) is extracted, and to build a simple prototype reactor for the extraction of struvite from synthetic wastewater. (download pdf)

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In this toolkit students are working on a method to remove and recover phosphate from (waste)water. (download pdf)

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Biopolymers from sustainable resources are being considered as alternatives to commodity synthetic polymers. Keratin from wool wastes can be used to prepare biodegradable new products for biomedical fields and filtration systems for water depuration and air cleaning.(download pdf)

I biopolimeri provenienti da risorse sostenibili vengono considerati un'alternativa ai polimeri sintetici. La cheratina ricavata dai rifiuti della lana puo` essere utilizzata per preparare nuovi prodotti biodegradabili per usi biomedicali e nei sistemi di filtrazione per la depurazione dell'acqua e dell'aria. (scarica il pdf).

Wiederverwendung von Keratin aus Abfallprodukten im Bergbau (herunterladen pdf)

 Keratin je najzastupljeniji neprehrambeni protein koji je glavni sastojak vune, kose, rogova, noktiju i perja. (preuzmite pdf). 

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Struvite from urine. (download pdf)


The Sus-GAME-ability toolkit provides an introductory lesson on sustainability and the environment. It serves as an initial introductory lesson to introduce students to the topic of sustainability and what impact sustainability has on our environment. (download pdf)

Das Toolkit Sus-GAME-ability bietet eine Einführungsstunde zum Thema Nachhaltigkeit und Umwelt. Es dient als erste Einführungsstunde, um den Schülern das Thema Nachhaltigkeit etwas näher zu bringen und welche Auswirkungen Nachhaltigkeit auf unsere Umwelt hat. (pdf herunterladen)