Cultural Collisions Bosnia and Herzegovina

HYBRIDE vernissage
June 2021


The solar system on a school break

The University of Banja Luka co-organised the event with austrian cultural forum Sarajevo and Cern Switzerland at Student Theater Banja Luka.

Young talented students from Banja Luka’s chatolic school centre artistically promoted the importance of raw materials through the performance named: "The solar system on a school break".

The audience had the opportunity to be informed about the value of raw materials, through an event that connected science and art.

The show

During the show each student had to choose one planet to represent, while planet earth was standing out to evidence its diversity among the others due to the presence of a large variety of raw materials.


The performance has shown that there was life on the earth thanks to raw materials, but the alegoria of the show was to rise the question about what will happen if one day all resources dissapear.



The University of Banja Luka sponsored the scenography and three of the assistants from university were involved along the preparation of the show which was targeting pupils from secondary and primary schools.

Past, present and future of the universe

SCIENCE & ART connecting people

Inspiring teams of young people to work on scientific topics for several months supervised by scientists and artists to create artistic videos or digital artworks that illustrate their interdisciplinary dialogue. The target audience for these digital artworks are other young students, of similar age, as well as members of the general public.

Supported by: Austrian Cultural Forum Sarajevo, ORIGIN, DAADconnect2020, CERN

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