International Science Fair 2018 at Wetsus

International Science Fair 2018 at Wetsus

26 September, 2018 - 29 September, 2018
Leeuwarden (NL)

High school students from four different European countries spent four days at Wetsus Watercampus to follow courses, perform group activities, and present their ideas and actions for the resolution and the dissemination of CRM-related issues.

Young RM Ambassador groups

Young RM Ambassadors: Nicolò Angeleri, Cristina Caprioglio, Gabriele Merlo, Stella Piccone, Matteo Poncina, Andrea Zeppa
“Ascanio Sobrero” school, Casale Monferrato (AL) and CNR-ISTM (Italy)

Project name: Prussian Blue – A versatile system for a sustainable recovery of critical Raw Materials from water


Young RM Ambassadors: Sanne Spigt, Roald Hofman, Lyssia van der Kooi
“Leeuwarder Lyceum”, Leeuwarden and Wetsus (NL)

Project name: Removal of phosphate with iron oxide and steel wool


Young RM Ambassadors: Olivia Rice, Sara Kloosterman, Lucinde Zuur
“Leeuwarder Lyceum”, Leeuwarden and Wetsus (NL)

Project name: Removing diclofenac by using low cost adsorption materials


Young RM Ambassadors: Elisa D’Aprile, Noemi Santoro, Giorgia Fuligni, Riccardo Cela
“Liceo Copernico”, Bologna and CNR-ISOF (IT)

Project name: Be cool, recycle in school


Young RM Ambassadors: Chiara Rapezzi, Francesca Uthayakumar, Ginevra Salvini, Marco Zambelli
“Liceo Copernico”, Bologna and CNR-ISOF (IT)

Project name: Play with Raw Materials


Young RM Ambassadors: Tommaso Simonazzi, Alessandro Brancaccio, Viola Guglietta, Caterina Toniato
“Liceo Copernico”, Bologna and CNR-ISOF (IT)

Project name: Serious games on raw materials


Young RM Ambassador: Lucas Kersten
Fallstein-Gymnasium, Osterwieck and TU-Clausthal (DE)

Project name: How important is the choice of the anode in zinc?


Young RM Ambassadors: Mia Maripuu, Allar Liivrand, Kristi Koitla
“Gustav Adolf Grammar School” and TTÜ, Tallin (EE)

Project name: Tin can’t? Tin can!


Young RM Ambassadors: A. Di Lieto, F. Mascellani, E. Rodolatti, F. Vergottini
“LSSA of IIS A. Badoni”, Lecco and UNIMIB, Milano (IT)

Project name: Bioethanol from waste paper


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