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University-Business collaboration in a time of recovery and resilience

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Sustainability in action

Armida Torreggiani will present the RM@Schools project.
Day 2 at 12:00 -13:30 CET: Pitch session: Sustainability in action
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     6th European Conference


Annual Conference 2021 online

6th EU Conference

On the 2nd of December morning the annual conference will be held with the presentation of works done by students .
From the 1st to the 3rd of December afternoon, webinars, workshops and online games will be proposed to schools by RM@Schools' experts.
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Registration will be opened soon


        Futuro Remoto


Città della Scienza- Napoli (Italy)

Futuro Remoto 2021 Naples

Futuro Remoto 2021

XXXV edition in presence and online.
For 35 years, Future Remote has significantly contributed to bringing generations of students, young professionals and ordinary people closer to science and technological innovation.

RM@Schools will participate in presence proposing two games: EcoCEO | RockGame


        Video Game Lab


Cinecittà - Rome (Italy)

Video Game Lab 2021 Roma

Video Game Lab

The event has the aim to spread around video games targeted at learning in different fields: health, scientific dissemination, education, heritage. cultural and more.
IV Edition



Festival della Scienza - Genova (Italy)

Festival della Scienza - Genova 2021

Play online with RAWSIKO

An educational videogame

Fall 2021

          Summer Camp

(The original date is postponed)
AGH (Poland)

            More INFO

Summer Camp in Poland 2021

Raw Materials Summer Camp 2021

Raw Materials Summer Camp will be held in the fall of 2021

on- + off-line meeting!


      Consortium Meeting


Consortium Meeting 2021

RM@Schools 4.0 Consortium Meeting



          Digital Edition

Florence (Italy)

Website of the event

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The Future of Education

11th Edition

RM@Schools Ambassadors will participate.

Accepted Abstracts: 1 | 2
Video Conferences: 1 | 2


        Hybrid Vernissage

Banja Luka (BiH) - online open with zoom

time: 13:00 18:00 CEST

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Cultural Collisions Bosnia and Herzegovina

Cultural Collisions Bosnia & Herzegovina

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"What if?": scenario where some Day we will run out of RMs on Earth and maybe we would need to go to Space for resources.


        Debate our future

IS "Ascanio Sobrero", Casale Monferrato (Italy)

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Debate our future

Debate our future: waste treatment and recycling

Flyer | Program
Awarding of the two teams that have won a competition among four classes of the High School (participation of 81 students) about the proposed issue.

31/5 & 1-3/06/2021

        WEEE collection

Liceo Scientifico "Enrico Fermi", Bologna (Italy)

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Press release

e our future

WEEE collection at school

On the occasion of the European Green week at Liceo "Enrico Fermi" will be set up collection points for the correct disposal of WEEE where each student, teacher and school staff can bring their own. In collaboration with Hera and CNR.


        Digital Edition

Verona (Italy)

Website of the event

video on youtube

Science festival - Verona (Italy)

Festival Scienza

Evento CNR
On the 20th of March at 10:30

Armida Torreggiani will talk about:

"Research and School: from communication to involvement for the society of the future"

video on youtube


        International Conference

Website of the event

New Perspectives in Science and Education 2021

New Perspectives in Science Education

"RAWsiko – Materials around us: A Digital Serious Game to Teach about Raw Materials’ Importance for the Transition towards a Low- Carbon Economy" (Armida Torreggiani)
online presentations | Conference Proceedings
“Don’t Throw Away your Mobile!”: pupils’ perception of Raw Materials in Electronics through citizen education" (Mariaconcetta Canino)
online presentations | Conference Proceedings


        TMS2021 VIRTUAL

Website of the event

video on youtube

TMS 2021

TMS2021 Virtual

Armida invited presentation:
"How to Prepare Future Generations for the Challenges in the Raw Materials Sector"

on Wednesday 17, at 14:30 CET
Material processing: Rare Metal extraction & processing | Session Program | TMS2021 Program

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EIT European Intitute of Innovation & Technology


success stories 2021

Responsible Research and Innovation

The EIT - European Institute of Innovation & Technology includes the RM@Schools project among its 8 success stories of Responsible Research & Innovation!
Responsible Research and Innovation